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Mother of Mine – Mi Ri’s Bold Move & Tae Ju’s Question

Tae Ju arrives at the ox-bone soup restaurant and comes to a shocking realization. Meanwhile, In Suk visits her family members who all seem to be ungrateful for what she’s done for them. At the office, Mi Ri discovers that the Marketing team is struggling because of Na Do Jin’s irresponsible behavior and makes a bold move. While Sun Ja is sad that Jae Bum is so understanding about Mi Hye, she gets a surprise visitor.

Sun Ja speaks to Woo Jin who comes to see her at the restaurant, and she is more determined than ever that Mi Hye must not marry him. Mi Sun’s mother-in-law expresses her concerns about the new babysitter. Mi Ri faces Na Hye Mi’s wrath for what she did to Na Do Jin and convinces Chairman Han that she is doing what is best for Tae Ju’s future. Tae Ju finally asks In Suk the question he has been dying to ask.

  • EP.73: 24.2%
  • EP.74: 29.5%

Doctor John – Hyung Woo Finally Gets a Definite Diagnasis & Si Young’s Confession

Hyung Woo’s wife wants to respect Hyung Woo’s will, but his father wants to save him. Yo Han keeps trying to find out the name of Hyung Woo’s disease. Meanwhile, Hyung Woo’s condition gets worse again, and Yo Han wants to treat him once again.

Jeong Nam asks Yo Han to take good care of Si Young, and Yo Han tells him that Si Young is doing great. Si Young asks Yo Han if he doesn’t have any regrets about his decision three years ago. She is afraid of the fact that a patient’s life is in her hands, and Yo Han tells Si Young that a patient needs a doctor just like her.

    • EP.07: 8.0%
    • EP.08: 11.2%

Golden Garden – Car Accident & Sung Wook is Still Alive

Sung Wook is hit by Joon Ki’s car when he is chasing after Sabina. Joon Ki is so shocked that doesn’t know what to do. After hearing tires screeching sound, Dong Joo and Pil Seung come by to see what happened, but Sabina and Joon Ki already hid Sung Wook’s body and pretend nothing had happened. Meanwhile, Nam Hee has an ominous feeling.

Joon Ki thinks Sung Wook is dead, but in fact he is still alive. Sabina is doing this because she is afraid her past would be revealed if they report to the police. Also, she wants to use this as a chance to get Nam Hee’s approval on her and Joon Ki’s marriage. Meanwhile, Sung Wook is handled by Nan Sook and being sent to hospital. Pil Seung is going to track down Sung Wook.

Golden Garden – Dying Ember & A Familiar Drawing

As Sabina is being indecisive, Nan Sook brings her to the neighborhood where she used to live and forces her to choose between living in poverty and having a decent life. Sabina sees Mid Eum in front of the house, but she denies that she is his mother. Meanwhile, Soo Mi buys the CCTV footage to find out what happened to Joon Ki.

Pil Seung looks through Sung Wook’s house hoping to find some evidence of why he suddenly disappeared, and he finds some drawings of a woman. Dong Joo finds the woman familiar. Meanwhile, Joon Ki feels tormented and he suggests to turn themselves in before it’s too late. To make Joon Ki feel at ease, Nan Sook and Sabina even create the alibi.

  • EP.07: 6.6%
  • EP.08: 7.4%


Watcher –  6 Bodies without Thumbs

Six bodies are found at a park. All of them were buried with their thumbs cut off except for one body. Although the bodies have been decomposed, Chi Gwang manages to identify the bodies and the investigation gains its momentum. Meanwhile, Young Goon decides to join the parole committee to decide whether he agrees to Kim Jae Myung’s release on parole.

Hotel Del Luna – Dead Bride’s Wish

A dead bride’s spirit comes to visit Hotel Del Luna. Chan Seong kindly shows in the guest. Seeing him taking good care of the female guest makes Man Weol jealous and upset. Meanwhile, a red pocket is found at a park. Any man who picks up the red pocket has to get married to the bride’s spirit.

    • EP.05: 7.023%

Love Affairs in the Afternoon – The Person Who Committed Love is Responsible

    • EP.08: 1.4%

Joseon Survival

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