Drama Rating July 28th 2019

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Mother of Mine – The Shocking Truth & The Truth Can Sometimes Hurt

Tae Ju hears the answer that he was expecting to hear from In Suk, but he is still crushed to hear it. As Mi Hye continues her hunger strike, Woo Jin prepares to return to America. Mi Sun grows more and more worried about the new babysitter but can’t seem to find it in her heart to let her go. Meanwhile, Mi Ri worries about Tae Ju who keeps avoiding her calls.

Mi Ri officially stands up to Na Hye Mi and declares that she will not play nicely anymore. Tae Ju goes off to deal with the whirlwind of emotions and In Suk tells him that he shouldn’t hurt Mi Ri. Meanwhile, Woo Jin calls Mi Hye to say his final goodbye, but things take an unexpected turn. Sun Ja receives quite a shock from what Mi Hye says to Woo Jin.

  • EP.75: 31.6%
  • EP.76: 26.9%


Watcher – Call from Park Si Young

Young Goon and Jae Myung begin to live in the same house. Young Goon starts to get confused if he has really seen Jae Myung in the house on the day his mother was murdered. Young Goon receives a call from Park Si Young who demands money for the information Young Goon wants to know.

Hotel Del Luna – Chan Seong’s Ex-girlfriend

Man Weol plans to go out for a meal with Chan Seong. However, she hears from Sanchez that Mi Ra, Chan Seong’s ex-girlfriend, has shown up. Man Weol starts to feel jealous. Meanwhile, the spirit of a king of Joseon Dynasty checks in to Hotel Del Luna. All the staff members do their best to make sure that he has a comfortable stay.

    • EP.06: 8.701%

Joseon Survival

    • EP.12: 1.1%

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