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Partners for Justice 2 – Ji Han Gone Missing & Ji Han’s Decision

Doctor K gets shot by the sniper who is hired by Dae Cheol. Ji Han helps Doctor K up and runs away with him. In the middle of running, Ji Han also is shot. Next day, Dae Cheol announces that Ji Han has gone missing and plans to frame Doctor K.

Ji Han regains his consciousness and returns to the prosecution. However, he makes a decision that shocks everyone in the office. Meanwhile, Sol is offered to work for the internal affairs department in the prosecution. What decision will she make?

    • EP.31: 6.7%
    • EP.32 END: 9.9%

Home for Summer –  Finally Divorced

Jun Ho and Geum Hui are finally getting divorced. Before the day, Jun Ho visits Geum Hui’s parents to say goodbye and apologize. In the meantime, Myeong Ja asks Sang Mi why she hides the fact that she has had a miscarriage from Jun Ho.

A Place in the Sun – Another Suspicion

Duk Shil finally confronts Mi Ran about her relationship with Tae Yang. Mi Ran tells Duk Shil that Tae Yang’s mother had been her friend, but she passed away. Duk Shil delivers this news to Tae Yang. Meanwhile, Kwang Il becomes angry at Shi Wol about her relationship with Tae Yang, even though she denies that it is still ongoing.

  • EP.39: 10.6%


Designated Survivor: 60 Days – Scandal

The staff tries to control rumors brewing around Park Mu-jin, but he remains reticent. Ji Yun-bae tells Han-mo that he’s the only one who can save him.

At Eighteen – It Always Rains on a Sad Day

Jun Woo decides not to move away and returns to school. Hwi Young tries to find a way to get Jun Woo expelled. Mr. Oh announces that the performance assessment for English is a free-talking test and even though the students don’t like the idea at first, they get excited about choosing partners. Even though Jun Woo promises his mom that he won’t get into any more trouble, he finds himself in another predicament.

    • EP.03: 3.169%

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