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Major Broadcast

Perfume – “War of Love” & “The Trio’s Camping Trip”

Infuriated by E Do’s press conference, Min Suk moves into E Do’s house to win Ye Rin’s heart for good. As expected, the two do not get along, and Ye Rin wants to do something so the two brothers can reconcile and move on. That, however, seems difficult when both are competing with each other for the same woman.

Through the camping trip, Ye Rin learns about why the two brothers drifted apart. As the fragile being he is, E Do suffers from his allergy due to sleeping outside. Seeing this, Ye Rin decides to cure him of his illnesses. Meanwhile, Tae Joo lures Jae Hee into talking to him by mentioning divorce.

    • EP.19: 4.4%
    • EP.20: 5.2%

Partners for Justice 2 – “Protection” & “Schizophrenia”

With the traces found by NFS, the prosecutors find out the chromium plating factory. They also find out that it is Jang Cheol who took Seo Hyun. Out of everyone’s surprise, Jang Cheol saves Seo Hyun and brings her back to Soo Yeon. Meanwhile, Han Sin and Dae Cheol want to stop Ji Han from investigating Oh Man Sang’s case.

Han Soo is a father with schizophrenia. Although he has been taken care by a social worker, his condition is worsening. One day, he gets into a fight with a driver on the road when he is selling corn and drinks with his son, Dong Woo. Meanwhile, prosecutors suspect that Han So is involved in a parricide case.

    • EP.19: 6.1%
    • EP.20: 8.6%

Home for Summer – Geum Hui Promises to Divorce Jun Ho

Geum Hui asks Jun Ho to come home for a chat. She will divorce him but under one condition. Geum Hui wants him to live with her until Yeo Reom’s adoption is confirmed. Sang Mi, however, does not enjoy the thought of such a condition and confronts Geum Hui.

  • EP.46: 17.6%

A Place in the Sun – It Was You

Shi Wol suggests a divorce, and the relationship between Tae Yang and Duk Shil becomes awkward after they spent the night together. Meanwhile, Jung Hee refuses to get a divorce and Tae Joon is back to the family. Kwang Il changes his mind and decides to acquire Construction by asking Tae Yang for investment.

  • EP.21: 11.3%

Blessing of the Sea – The Blue Dye

After moving into her biological father’s house, Chung Yi is still concerned about Hak Gyu. However, she decides to live the way Hak Gyu wants and focus on finding the blue dye that is identical to the one in Portrait of a Beauty. Meanwhile, Si Joon is devastated about the fact that Pil Doo is his father.

  • EP.113: 6.3%


Designated Survivor: 60 Days – Day 60: Commander-In-Chief

Surrounded by generals and officials clamoring over what must be done, Park Mu-jin decides to pursue a hunch despite opposition from his own advisers.

    • EP.02: 4.157%

The Wind Blows – Do Hun’s Condition Worsens

Do Hun, Su Jin, and Ah Ram adjust to living together as a family and eventually, they find a good balance. However, Do Hun’s condition continues to worsen. Everyone lends a hand to help Do Hun understand his life. Brian, in particular, comes up with a creative idea.

Source: AGB Nielson

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