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Justice – The Suspect of Yeon Ah’s Car Accident & Tae Kyung Is Suspicious of Soo Ho

After the cars and truck mishap, Yeon Ah calls Tae Kyung and asks him if whatever is alright. Tae Kyung frets about her, so he goes to Yeon Ah’s home right now. Tae Kyung informs Yeon Ah to keep away from Bumjung Construction. Yeon Ah summons Chi Soo as the suspect of her cars and truck mishap.

Soo Ho calls Tae Kyung in and informs him to convince the victims to drop the claim. Tae Kyung declines to convince the victims, however Woo Yong appears at that minute. Yeon Ah and Dong Hyuk keep examining on Jang Entertainment’s case. Woo Yong desires Tae Kyung to take care of his own boy.

Rookie Historian Goo Hae-Ryung

Yi Rim briefs Yi Jin regarding the assault. Hae-ryung finds out the fact regarding Maehwa as well as regrets what this might indicate. Yi Jin asks Hae-ryung regarding his sibling.

    • EP.09: 4.4%
    • EP.10: 7.3%

Doctor Detective – Joong Eun Attacked & Proof of Mercury Poisoning

During the night, Joong Eun gos to Namil dorm alone to discover proof of mercury poisoning. She all of a sudden gets assaulted by a gunman working for Moh Sung Kuk. Will she have the ability to endure? The cops arrest Do Hyeong as the suspect of eliminating Ha Rang with video footage as proof.

Il Sun and her staff member learn that both Ha Rang and Do Hyeong were struggling with mercury poisoning. To share what they’ve discovered, Il Sun has an interview with a reporter. Moh Sung Kook assaults the UDC initially utilizing the media. And Joong Eun is suspended from operating at the scenes.

    • EP.09: 3.7%
    • EP.10: 4.3%

Home for Summer – Geum Hui Gets Closer to Sang Won

Sang Mi as well as Jun Ho return house from their honeymoon, yet Jun Ho’s existence troubles Sang Won. Geum Hui methods just how to prepare by herself as well as obtains closer to Sang Won. On The Other Hand, Gyeong Ae figures out that Geum Hui is operating at Sang Won’s dining establishment as well as calls her to fulfill.

A Place in the Sun – Kwang Il’s Knows the Reality

Shi Wol and also Tae Yang invest tranquil time with each other. Tae Yang asks her regarding what she intended to state 3 years earlier, yet Shi Wol simply informs him she can not bear in mind. Kwang Il rages regarding Shi Wol existing to him for many years. On The Other Hand, Jae Yong and also Minutes Jae learn that Tae Yang is not James Oh.

  • EP.41: 11.5%


When the Devil Calls Your Name – The Contract with the Devil

Ha Rib is an effective author, and all of his tunes top the charts and win lots of awards. One day, he is notified that his 10-year agreement with the devil will quickly end, and according to the agreement, the devil will take Ha Rib’s soul. And he gets associated with unusual scenarios. What is the real identity of Ha Rib?

    • EP.01: 3.066%

Class of Lies

Level Up

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