Drama Rating July 3rd 2019

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Major Broadcast

Angel’s Last Mission: Love – “Ki Chun’s Confession” & “Does Dan Finally Become a Human?”

Yeon Seo holds an emergency board meeting and tells the supporters that Yeong Ja, Ru Na, and Ki Chun will leave Fantasia. Ru Na begs for Yeon Seo’s mercy, but Yeon Seo tells her that she has no intention of forgiving them. Meanwhile, Dan wants to hear the answer from the deity, but the deity doesn’t respond.

Yeon Seo and Dan go on a picnic to the park where they first met. Yeon Seo wants to marry Dan because she thinks it is the only way for them to be together. Meanwhile, Dan falls down and gets hurt in the park, but his wound doesn’t heal itself as usual. They think this is a symptom of becoming a human and they wait for a rainy day to check if it’s real.

    • EP.25: 5.5%
    • EP.26: 6.6%

One Spring Night

Jeong-in pleads with her mother. Gi-seok’s stifling tactics intensify and he turns to Yeong-guk for help. Ji-ho and Eun-u spend the day with Jeong-in.

    • EP.25: 5.5%
    • EP.26: 7.8%

My Absolute Boyfriend – Young Gu’s Error & Young Gu Is a Robot

Wang Joon tells Da Da that he will wait until she comes back to him. Da Da and Young Gu prepare the memorial service for her father. Wang Joon, Woong, and Bo Won also join them. Diana plans to destroy Young Gu. Meanwhile, Young Gu stops with no reason at the filming site.

People find out about Young Gu’s identity. They are against Da Da and Young Gu’s relationship for various reasons. However, the situation makes their love deeper. In Hyuk finds out about Young Gu’s possible meltdown. Eun Dong comes to apologize, and Woong shows her feelings toward Bo Won.

    • EP.29: 1.5%
    • EP.30: 1.7%

Home for Summer – Happy Birthday Mom

Geum Hui starts to look for a job so she can take of Yeo Reum and become independent. However, there aren’t many places that are hiring. Yong Jin calls Jun Ho and tells him to return to the clinic. Meanwhile, Dae Seong sees Guem Hui and Jun Ho out having dinner and makes a phone call to Sang Mi.

  • EP.47: 17.7%

A Place in the Sun – Silent Battle

After a brief chat with Duk Shil, Shi Wol is now certain that Tae Yang is actually Yoo Wol and she is in deep shock, and Duk Shil is upset because Tae Yang is avoiding her. Meanwhile, Ji Min is excited to go to the woods with Tae Yang for his school assignment, and Tae Joon sees Mi Ran in the neighborhood.

  • EP.22: 11.0%

Blessing of the Sea – In Soo Knows the Secret of His Father’s Death

Ji Hwan notices that Hak Gyu is still blind. Hak Gyu asks Si Joon to forgive Ji Na and give her a chance to turn herself in. Poong Do tells In Soo that Pil Doo is the one who killed In Soo’s father. In Soo gets furious and tries to attack Pil Doo, but Si Joon suddenly appears and saves Pil Doo at that moment.

  • EP.114: 6.4%


Search: WWW – Striking Back

Ta Mi and Morgan begin their relationship and Ta Mi’s life seems to be going well, both romantically and professionally. However, Ga Gyeong decides that Barro’s continued success must be stopped. She holds a press conference and strikes a blow to Barro’s reputation. However, her actions come with some consequences that she didn’t bargain for.

    • EP.09: 3.652%

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