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Nokdu Flower – Battle Of Ugeumchi & The Loyal Army’s Miserable Defeat

Ja In asks Yi Hyun to bring her to the punitive force base with him. Deok Ki gets released, but he wants to stay so that he can fight with the loyal army. The Japanese army attacks the loyal army brutally. Kyu Tae suggests to Takeda that he should convince the loyal army to surrender, but Takeda has no intention of listening to him.

The loyal army suffers a crushing defeat in the battle, and they consider whether to disperse or not. Bong Jun asks Yi Kang what to do, and Yi Kang suggests to him that he should listen to the loyal soldiers’ opinions. Meanwhile, Ja In looks for Yi Kang everywhere at the battlefield, and she encounters Deok Ki.

    • EP.41: 4.9%
    • EP.42: 5.9%

Home for Summer – Family Meeting

In order to feel less anxious, Sang Mi asks for a family meeting between her and Jun Ho’s family to make their marriage official. Jun Ho doesn’t feel right to do so as he and Geum Hui isn’t divorced yet, but he has no choice. Meanwhile, Geum Hui starts working at a grocery store and Yeo Reum has to stay at the daycare center all day.

  • EP.49: 16.9%

A Place in the Sun – Sook Hee Notices Ji Eun’s Secret

Kwang Il is curious about Tae Yang, so he keeps talking about him to Shi Wol, but she doesn’t want to talk about him. Tae Joon and Kwang Il decide to offer a put option for banks and financial investors. Sook Hee is suspicious of Ji Eun, so she looks into Ji Eun’s background.

  • EP.24: 9.9%

Blessing of the Sea – Deok Hee’s Decision

Yeol Mae tells Chung Yi that she saw Ji Na talking to Pil Doo in the hospital. Hak Gyu suggests Deok Hee that she should convince Ji Na to turn herself in. Chung Yi gets to know that Pil Doo is Si Joon’s father and asks Si Joon if it’s true, but Si Joon denies it.

  • EP.116: 6.5%


Chief of Staff

Hui-seop invites Seong-min to join his party. Seon-yeong gives Tae-jun a stern warning, but he doesn’t waver. Do-gyeong makes a costly misstep.

    • EP.07: 4.087%

Love Affairs in the Afternoon

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