Drama Rating July 6th 2019

Korean Drama Rating Saturday and Sunday

Major Broadcast

Mother of Mine – “After the Wedding” & “Back Home with Family”

After Mi Ri’s wedding, Sun Ja comes home exhausted with the help of Mi Sun. Mi Ri enjoys her time alone with Tae Ju, but a part of her still feels uneasy because of her mom and sister. Meanwhile, In Suk tells Chairman Han that she will leave, but Chairman Han refuses. Mi Hye writes about her family’s good memories.

Mi Hye runs into Woo Jin’s ex-wife at the office. The awkward exchange helps Woo Jin realize his own feelings. Mi Ri and Tae Ju come home from their honeymoon and visit both of their families. Mi Ri and her mom begin to understand one another while Mi Sun refuses to see the newlyweds. In Suk prepares to leave the company for good.

  • EP.61: 23.1%
  • EP.62: 28.4%

Nokdu Flower – “Baek Ga Supports Yi Hyun’s Act of Betrayal” & “Yi Kang & Yoo Wol’s Reunion”

Everyone leaves Gobu’s Jipgangso to run away from the people’s army, but Yoo Wol insists on staying there. But a couple of men suddenly come and take Yoo Wol with them. Yi Hyun comes to Gobu to relay the order from the Military Administration. Myung Sim gets to see Yi Hyun at that moment, and she asks him if he really is working for Japan.

Kim Ga offers shelter to Bong Jun and Kyeong Sun. The government announces to the public that there will be a reward for someone who reports Bong Jun’s whereabouts, and Kim Ga happens to hear that. Meanwhile, Yi Kang comes to Ja In to ask for money, and Ja In lets Yi Kang meet Yoo Wol.

    • EP.43: 4.6%
    • EP.44: 6.5%

Different Dreams – “Tinderbox” & “The Shootout”

Hiroshi dies on the operating table. With his death, Madam Yu passes on the letter he had written to Fukuda with earnest words imploring him to protect Young Jin. Meanwhile, Daiki puts a tail on Majar that leads Matsuura right to the Heroic Corps.

Jung Im is killed in a shootout with the Jongno Police. Majar and Se Joo get taken back to the station and tortured for Young Jin’s whereabouts. Nam Ok gets away after seeing Jung Im fall but returns to avenge her death. Meanwhile, Young Jin and Won Bong meet with Fukuda and listen to what he has to say.

  • EP.35: 2.2%
  • EP.36: 3.8%

Different Dreams – “The Pistol” & “The Last Bullet”

Fukuda walks into the Jongno Police Station and brings out Se Joo, the only survivor of the Heroic Corps taken into custody. Outraged and embarrassed, Kento orders Matsuura to find Nam Ok at all costs. Meanwhile, Won Bong sneaks away from Young Jin to find Nam Ok.

Nam Ok hides in a small town. However, it’s not long until he gets surrounded by Jongno Police with over 250 men. He soon gets flushed out but manages to find refuge in the bell tower of a church. With only one bullet left, he refuses to surrender.

  • EP.37: 4.1%
  • EP.38: 4.8%


Watcher – Young Goon Fires His Gun

Do Chi Gwang comes across a case that involves a traffic officer shooting a suspect. At first, he was not interested but later finds out that the traffic officer, Kim Young Goon, is related to Jang Hae Ryong. Chi Gwang believes Hae Ryong is corrupt and needs to be arrested for his corruption.

Arthdal Chronicles

Harim makes a startling confession to Mubaek. Chaeeun goes to see Tanya and tells her the truth about Eunseom. Mihol offers Taealha a way out.

Chief of Staff

As the confirmation hearing gets underway, Tae-jun is caught off guard by Hui-seop’s self-serving machinations and scrambles to survive.

    • EP.08: 4.974%

Love Affairs in the Afternoon

Joseon Survival

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