Drama Rating July 7th 2019

Korean Drama Rating Saturday and Sunday

Major Broadcast

Mother of Mine – “Life Begins Anew” & “Relationships Never Go According to Plan”

Mi Ri and Tae Ju enjoy their married life and go to work together as directors of Marketing Headquarters. Na Do Jin ruins the mood of the office as In Suk prepares to leave the company. Mi Sun becomes the hero of the day at work and Sun Ja undertakes a new mission in life which is to have Mi Hye marry Jae Bum.

While Chairman Han still refuses to let In Suk leave the company, In Suk finds out that Tae Ju has been silently helping with a matter involving her younger brother. Although Mi Hye only has eyes for Woo Jin, her mom wants to pair her off with Jae Bum. Na Hye Mi continues to search for In Suk’s weakness.

  • EP.63: 26.8%
  • EP.64: 31.3%


Watcher – Searching for the Kidnapped Child

Chi Gwang and Young Goon find out that Son Byung Gil has kidnapped Chairman Kim’s child through Han Tae Joo. Now, they are trying to find the child before it is too late. Tae Joo, however, seems suspicious, and Chi Gwang starts to suspect her. Meanwhile, Hae Ryong is scheming up something behind everyone’s backs.

Arthdal Chronicles – The Sky Turning Inside Out, Rising Land

Tagon becomes enraged when he discovers Mihol is behind Tanya’s abduction, and the two later meet to discuss her fate. Eunseom orchestrates an escape.

Joseon Survival

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