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Perfume – E Do & Min Suk Starting to Suspect Ye Rin & Meeting E Do as Jae Hee

Ye Rin has kept her secret away from E Do and Min Suk, but recently, both E Do and Min Suk starso

t to think Ye Rin may be the same person as Jae Hee. Min Suk is torn by the fact that Ye Rin maybe someone else. E Do, on the other hand, still longs for his first love, Jae Hee, despite how much she has changed over the years..

Although E Do is determined to love his one and only, Jae Hee, he realizes he can’t stop himself from loving Ye Rin. Meanwhile, Ye Rin finally realizes that she is E Do’s first love after going through her stuff. Troubled by being E Do’s first love and the thought of him finding out, Ye Rin decides to meet up with him as Jae Hee.

    • EP.23: 4.3%
    • EP.24: 4.9%

Partners for Justice 2 – The Proof of Guilt & Jo Han Soo Gets Vindicated

The prosecution is celebrating the arrest of Jo Han Soo even before even though the autopsy report has come out. With a careful examination, Beom finds out there has been no damage done to Ms. Ma’s liver. After this discovery, the NFS decides to hold a press conference to reveal information that might go against the prosecution’s investigation.

The NFS test result shows that Jo Han Soo didn’t kill his mother and was taking care of his mother’s corpse. Due to this, the public is criticizing the prosecution for disclosing Han Soo’s identity before any definitive has been brought up. As a result, Dae Cheol is put on suspension and is being reviewed.

    • EP.23: 7.1%
    • EP.24: 9.0%

Home for Summer – Yeo Reum Disappears

Yeong Sim can’t bear to watch Geum Hui suffering anymore, so she sends Yeo Reum back to the orphanage. Luckily, Geum Hui and Sang Won arrive in time to stop it. Meanwhile, Jae Guk takes care of Yeo Reum for a day, and Yeo Reum leaves the house while Jae Guk is sleeping.

  • EP.51: 18.0%

A Place in the Sun – The Proposal

Duk Shil tells Tae Yang about her pregnancy. Tae Yang doesn’t know what he should do, even though Duk Shil says she doesn’t need his involvement. Meanwhile, Shi Wol is certain that Tae Yang is out to get his revenge against her family. She confronts Tae Yang and tells him to stay away from Ji Min.

  • EP.26: 11.0%

Blessing of the Sea – The Truth from 20 Years Ago

Chung Yi finds out that Jae Ran was the one who hit her with a car 20 years ago and that Seo Pil Doo was also involved in the accident. Seo Pil Doo hears that the exhibit of Portrait of Beauty will be held and decides to steal it. Meanwhile, Deok Hee asks Si Joon for mercy on Ji Na.

  • EP.117: 6.1%


Designated Survivor: 60 Days – Day 58: Confession

A survivor is found at the disaster scene. Cha Yeong-jin’s briefing about approval ratings and presidential election polls makes Park Mu-jin uneasy.

    • EP.04: 4.155%

The Wind Blows – Do Hun Goes Back in Time

Do Hun’s memory returns to when he and Su Jin first met in college. Su Jin doesn’t want to scare him so she goes along with Do Hun’s version of reality. However, Do Hun doesn’t recognize anyone besides Su Jin and Hang Seo and grows increasingly dependent. Although Ah Ram misses her dad, Do Hun begins to lose sense of time.

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