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Welcome 2 Life – Why Are You Here? & To Save My Son

Jae Sang decides to visit the abandoned house where Si On was killed in the parallel world. When he is looking around the house, Si On and Dong Taek also come there. Meanwhile, Do Sik’s wife finds out that her son has been bullying and beating up his schoolmates. She tries to talk to her son about the issue.

Do Sik’s wife agrees to take the evidence out of the safe and hand it over to Jae Sang while Do Sik is in a meeting with the district attorney. Things go smoothly as planned before Do Sik’s wife receives a call from someone. She hears that her son is kidnapped. Will she be able to save her son and give the evidence to Jae Sang?

  • EP.23: 4.2%
  • EP.24: 5.2%

I Wanna Hear Your Song – A Man Found Dead & Flower Bouquet

Ju Wan’s inaugural concert goes successful. The audience loves it. When the members of the orchestra are elated and satisfied with their performance, they hear the news that a man is found dead in the main building of the orchestra. Meanwhile, Yi Young tells Yoon that she took the pen from Ian’s keepsakes and gave it to Young Gil.

Yoon tails Ju Wan and witnesses that Professor Kang and Ju Wan meet in private and accuse each other. Yi Young remembers what Young Gil told her last time she met him. She realizes that Young Gil might have left something in the flower bouquet. She goes back to Ju Wan’s office to find the flower bouquet.

Home for Summer – Let Me Meet Him

Sang Mi orders Dae Seong to stop Sang Won from finding Yeo Reum. Geum Hui asks Yeo Reum about the boy called Ji Seok. Jae Guk asks Jun Ho about Yeo Reum’s biological father. Meanwhile, Jun Ho thinks of another plan to stop Sang Won.

A Place in the Sun – Ji Min Stays at Oh Tae Yang’s House

Ji Min heads to Tae Yang’s house and asks if he could stay. Oh Tae Yang accepts him and Ji Min starts living at his house. As much as she’s heartbroken to see Ji Min avoiding her, Shi Wol is somewhat relieved to know Ji Min’s whereabouts. Meanwhile, Kwang Il starts doubting Tae Yang’s motives behind the whole Ji Min incident.

  • EP.69: 14.4%


The Great Show – Family Scandal

  • EP.06: 2.779%

At Eighteen – This Goodbye Isn’t Forever

Hwi Young admits to everything he has done wrong and leaves the school. Jun Woo takes part in an art competition with the enthusiastic support of Soo Bin and tries his best to achieve his dream. After the competition, Jun Woo wants to surprise his mom by visiting her. When he arrives at her workplace, Jun Woo finds out that she has been going through a tough situation which leaves him with a difficult choice to make.

  • EP.16 END: 3.882%

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