Drama Rating September 11th 2019

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Home for Summer – Home for Summer

A man hired by Jun Ho, Kim Tae Sik, finds Geum Hui and threatens her that he will come back later to take Yeo Reum away. And without Jun Ho knowing, Sang Mi learns of Kim Tae Sik by snooping through his phone. Meanwhile, Sang Won notices and confronts Dae Seong who had been following him.

A Place in the Sun – The Voice Recording

Min Jae and his family get to listen to the voice recording of Tae Joon and Mi Ran’s conversation. Sook Hee goes to Wol Chun’s hospital room and insists that she should guard his room from now on. Shi Wol wants to meet Ji Min, but Ji Min doesn’t want to meet her. Meanwhile, Jae Bok is curious about Mi Ran and Tae Joon’s relationship.

  • EP.70: 13.6%


When the Devil Calls Your Name – What Did I Do Wrong?

On the road where Lucca died, I Gyeong cries out. As Rip says, I Gyeong sells her soul to Ryu in order to save Lucca. After signing the deal with the devil, people around her don’t suffer their miserable lives anymore. However, the way I Gyeong behaves completely changes. She becomes more ambitious than ever.

  • EP.13: 1.369%

Source: AGB Nielson

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