Drama Rating September 12th 2019

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Home for Summer – Finding out Ji Seok’s Whereabouts

Geum Hui thinks about immigrating to Canada with Yeo Reum. Geum Dong promises Sue Yeon that he’ll change from now on. Yong Jin wants to help Sang Won find Ji Seok. Meanwhile, Sang Won tells Seon Gyeong that she should give up on him since he has his own child.


When the Devil Calls Your Name – A Bill from the Deity

Seo Young willingly steps back from Soul Entertainment. Lucca asks Ryu to put everything back to normal for both Kelly and his dad. Kyung Soo gets mad at Taek Sang for assaulting Sun Sim. Ha Rip receives a bill from the deity saying that his 10-year contract will be expired in 10 days.

  • EP.14: 0.9%

Source: AGB Nielson

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