Drama Rating September 14th 2019

Korean Drama Rating Saturday and Sunday

Major Broadcast

Mother of Mine – Sun Ja Threatens Chairman Han & Tae Ju Holds a Press Conference

Mi Ri collapses from shock and Sun Ja is furious. She barges into Chairman Han’s house and warns him never to touch her children again. Fortunately, Mi Ri regains her consciousness and the baby is also fine. Meanwhile, Woo Jin suggests that he and Mi Hye move into Sun Ja’s house and live with her once they are married. Tae Ju decides to deal with the press and tells In Suk to take care of the shareholders’ meeting.

On their way back to the hospital, Sun Ja tells Mi Sun that she wants to stop treatment and go home. However, everyone wants Sun Ja to continue receiving treatment. As Mi Hye’s wedding plans make headway, Sun Ja intervenes because she wants the ceremony to be bigger. In Suk visits Sun Ja and apologizes for her past misdeeds. Tae Ju holds the press conference and In Suk pleads with the shareholders at the meeting.

Golden Garden – Sabina’s True Identity & Dong Joo Confronts Sabina

Dong Joo gets rushed to the hospital after getting hit by a motorcycle. When she regains consciousness, Pil Seung returns her belongings to her and notices a picture of Sabina in her purse. Although they quarrel about seeing one another, they discover the truth behind Sabina’s identity.

When Sabina comes to the hospital to see the extent of Dong Joo’s injuries, Dong Joo confronts her again about her identity. Only this time, she states undeniable facts. However, Sabina tries to clear Dong Joo’s misunderstanding with an altered picture of her and her father, Eun Jeong Soo. Unable to believe her, Dong Joo ends up going to Chairman Jin’s house to see Sabina in the middle of the night.

Golden Garden – Dong Joo Talks with Nan Sook & Dong Joo and Pil Seung Make Up

Sabina takes Dong Joo to see Nan Sook. Nan Sook tells her that she has lived her life in denial and that she is not Eun Dong Joo. Dong Joo, who is in disbelief, runs out and collapses. Luckily, Pil Seung is there to take her back to the hospital. Meanwhile, Joon Ki takes a look at the black box in Sabina’s car after witnessing her drive away with Dong Joo.

Pil Seung digs deeper into Lee Seung Wook’s disappearance and returns to the site of the accident. Dong Joo returns to Mid Eum and Sa Rang at the house and bumps into Pil Seung. Although Dong Joo is still coming to terms with what Nan Sook had said, she makes up with Pil Seung. Meanwhile, Sabina hands Joon Ki marriage annulment papers.


Be Melodramatic – Let’s Let The Past Be

Bum Soo tells Jin Joo that he likes her, but somehow the conversation turns into a debate. They decide to hold back the feelings they have for each other. After breaking up with Ha Yoon, Jae Hoon seeks solace from Han Joo, but Ha Yoon reappears. Meanwhile, Eun Jung starts to acknowledge Hong Dae’s absence, but her hallucinations take on a different tone. When Eun Jung gets into some trouble, a man comes to her rescue.

Arthdal Chronicles – Part 3: The Prelude to All Legends

Surviving in Arthdal means knowing how to choose the side that holds power. Taealha is attacked, and Tagon silences those who’ve uncovered his secret.

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