Drama Rating September 15th 2019

Korean Drama Rating Saturday and Sunday

Major Broadcast

Mother of Mine – Chairman Han Collapses & Sun Ja’s First Vacation

Chairman Han collapses after seeing Tae Ju’s press conference. Sun Ja’s daughters agree that they should stop treatment and take her home. Na Hye Mi and her brother think that keeping Chairman Han unconscious will help keep their secrets safe and refuse to take him to the hospital. Meanwhile, Sun Ja and Mi Hye plan the wedding, but only according to Sun Ja’s taste.

Mi Sun’s in-laws tell her to spend the Chuseok holidays with her mom, so Sun Ja’s entire family decides to go on vacation together. Mi Ri worries about leaving Tae Ju alone with Chairman Han, but Tae Ju tells her to enjoy her time. Meanwhile, In Suk brings in a doctor to check the chairman’s health. Despite Na Hye Mi’s objection, In Suk and Tae Ju decide to move him to the hospital. Finally, Sun Ja and her family enjoy their vacation at the beach.


Arthdal Chronicles

Tanya tries to uphold the ways of the Wahan but is dismayed to find that they have changed. Tagon’s guards make a gruesome discovery.

Source: AGB Nielson

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