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Welcome 2 Life – Father Needs to Learn Lesson & Are You Ji Sun Woo, Right?

Jae Sang’s team finds out about Ji Sun Woo, and he could be Jang Do Sik’s son. They come to the conclusion that Jang Do Sik may not be the culprit behind the mass murder at the orphanage. Meanwhile, Pil Woo finds out that Jang Do Sik is plotting against him and plans to fight back.

At the care center, Jae Sang runs into Pil Woo who is humming the song that Yang Hui used to sing. Jae Sang approaches him and talks to him. Meanwhile, Si On receives an award for being the kindest police officer. Jae Sang starts to be anxious because Si On received an award in the parallel world too.

  • EP.27: 4.4%
  • EP.28: 5.9%

I Wanna Hear Your Song – I’ll Give You a Ride Home & Tell Me What You Saw

Yi Young runs into Professor Kang at the cafe. She hastily leaves the place, but Professor Kang offers a ride to her house. On the way home, Yi Young asks Professor Kang about Young Gil. Meanwhile, Yoon visits Mi Rae with the documents that prove her wrongdoings over the past years.

Yoon is certain that Ms. Yang at the orchestra knows something about how Young Gil died in the staircase. Yoon starts to keep asking her about what she witnessed. Ms. Yang feels too much pressure and tries to avoid him. Meanwhile, Yi Young visits the cafe again to collect what Young Gil left behind for her, but she meets Professor Kang there again.

Home for Summer – I Did Find My Son

Sang Won finds out that Yeo Reum is his son. Geum Hui meets Jun Ho and learns about Gyeong Ae’s plan to take Yeo Reum away from her. Geum Hui tells the family about Sang Won and Yeo Reum. Meanwhile, Pul Gu comes to see Su Cheol.

A Place in the Sun – The DNA Test

Sook Hee demands Jung Hee and Kwang Il to run a DNA test to validify their proof of recording. Jung Hee sends in a sample with Tae Yang’s hair to the lab and not surprisingly, they get a DNA result that confirms Kwang Il and Jung Hee being biologically related. Sook Hee’s family are kicked out from the hospital and Chairman Choi takes over.

  • EP.72: 14.7%


The Great Show – Qualifications of a Dad

  • EP.08: 2.708%

Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency – Shyness

Flower Crew decides to take on the task of arranging the wedding between Gae Ttong and Kim Soo. The preparations go along quickly and smoothly until Soo suddenly disappears. Gae Ttong and Hoon set out to look for Soo, but their search seems hopeless.

  • EP.02: 3.752%

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