Drama Rating September 19th 2019

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Major Broadcast

When the Camellia Blooms – The Good, the Bad, and the Cheap

Dongbaek and Pil-gu both stand up to bullies — and get help from Yong-sik. While back in town, Kang Jong-ryeol makes a startling discovery.

Secret Boutique – The Video of Hye Ra’s Death & Jenny & Jung Hyuk’s Wedding

Hyun Ji goes to the police station and the prosecutors’ office to find her mother, but it’s not easy to find her. Jung Hyuk writes a letter of resignation and leaves home. Meanwhile, Ye Nam wants Jun Sub to promise her that he won’t desert her and Deo Domestics no matter what happens.

Jenny goes to Yang Oh Distribution to take the video, and she brings Hyun Ji with her. During the negotiation with Yang Oh, Hyun Ji notices that something is weird. Sun Woo goes to Cheongju to find Sang Hoon, and Jenny orders him to take Hyun Ji with him. Meanwhile, Jenny and Jung Hyuk successfully hold a wedding.

  • EP.03: 4.3%
  • EP.04: 4.5%

Rookie Historian Goo Hae-Ryung

As they try to decipher the mystery, Hae-ryung reveals a secret about her past to Yi Rim, who wants to know what happened the day that he was born.

  • EP.35: 3.8%
  • EP.36: 5.0%

Home for Summer – Gyeong Ae Makes a Move

Jun Ho gets angry when he sees Geum Hui and Sang Won embracing each other. Gyeong Ae verbally attacks Jun Ho for trying to send Geum Hui and Yeo Reum abroad, and because of it, Sang Mi and Jun Ho’s relationship worsens. Later, Gyeong Ae goes to talk with Geum Hui’s parents.

A Place in the Sun – Tae Yang in Crisis

Ji Min finally comes back to his home, and he tells Shi Wol that he came back because of her. Sook Hee visits Jung Hee and she pulls her hair out to use it for a gene test. Jae Bok asks Mi Ran about her relationship with Tae Joon, and he gets mad at Tae Joon after hearing Mi Ran’s story.

  • EP.74: 14.4%


The Running Mates: Human Rights

  • EP.02: 1.300%

Graceful Family

When the Devil Calls Your Name – The Last Two Days

Ha Rip turns the world upside down with his confession and disappears. With only two days left remaining on his contract, he makes his way to the desert. When his time was up, Tae Kang appears in front of him to collect his soul. One year late, Seo Young discovers Ha Rip accidentally.

  • EP.16 END: 1.597%

Source: AGB Nielson

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