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Mother of Mine – Final Preparations for the Wedding & Mi Hye’s Wedding Day

Mi Ri returns from her family vacation and comforts Tae Ju who is sad and confused about his father’s condition. Na Hye Mi barges into the hospital with Tae Ho as a last resort to gain the favor of the chairman. While discussing how to deal with Na Hye Mi, Mi Ri suggests to In Suk and Tae Ju that they give her one last chance to leave voluntarily. Meanwhile, everyone makes their last preparations before Mi Hye’s wedding.

The night before Mi Hye’s wedding, Sun Ja gives her some last words of advice. After Mi Hye falls asleep, Sun Ja calls In Suk to ask her to look after her children once she is gone and invites her to the wedding. The day of the wedding finally arrives and everyone is happy. Even Jae Bum shows up to sing the congratulatory song for the wedding. Sun Ja has a wonderful time with her family and friends.


Cha Dal-geon makes a disquieting announcement to the other bereaving families and implores Go Hae-ri for help, but she seems to be hiding something.

Golden Garden – Pil Seung Interrogates Joon Ki and Sabina & Joon Ki’s Unease

Dong Joo returns to work at Chairwoman Jin’s house but is stopped by Sabina at the front gate. Shortly after, Pil Seung and Ki Young show up and take Sabina and Joon Ki to the station and interrogates them regarding Lee Sung Wook’s disappearance with evidence. Meanwhile, Nan Sook tells Dong Joo to quit working for Chairwoman Jin.

Joon Ki regrets not reporting the hit-and-run accident and begins to fret. Sabina also becomes anxious regarding the evidence found, but Nan Sook keeps her in check. Meanwhile, Pil Seung shows up at Chairwoman Jin’s house as a childhood acquaintance that shocks Joon Ki and Sabina.

Golden Garden – Pil Seung’s Trap & Joon Ki Gets Arrested

After talking with the witness, Pil Seung and Ki Young wait to see if they pressured Joon Ki enough to have him lead them to Lee Sung Wook’s body. And although Sabina tries to stop him, Joon Ki heads to where they dumped the body. Meanwhile, Dong Joo asks Sabina if Joon Ki has anything to do with Sung Wook’s disappearance.

Sabina tells Chairwoman Jin what really happened that night of the accident. Pil Seung asks Chairwoman Jin to come down to the station to persuade Joon Ki to talk. Meanwhile, Nan Sook arranges for Sung Wook to send a video to Mid Eum, showing that he is alive and well.

  • EP.39: 8.3%
  • EP.40: 9.1%


Be Melodramatic – Do You Want Me to Hug You?

Bum Soo, Jin Joo, Jae Hoon, and Han Joo are exhausted from working on the drama. They put work aside for a moment and go on a short trip. They don’t get very far, but they still have fun playing games and eating everything they can. Eun Jung takes her psychiatrist’s advice and takes a break from her daily life but runs into an unexpected guy. Meanwhile, Jae Hoon struggles to accept Ha Yoon who has reappeared in his life.

Strangers From Hell – They’re All Strange

Jong Woo starts to think that the residents in the studio are all strange and that something is going on. He tells Jung Hwa that he keeps hearing thumping sounds from the fourth floor. Jung Hwa enters the dark and creepy abandoned place on her own to check what’s going on there.

Arthdal Chronicles – Part 3: The Prelude to All Legends

Eunseom wrestles with a proposition and ponders how he’ll find Tanya. Saya plots a strategy for Tagon to be king. Mihol gives Taealha a stern warning.

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