Drama Rating September 22nd 2019

Korean Drama Rating Saturday and Sunday

Major Broadcast

Mother of Mine – Sun Ja’s Funeral & One Year Later

Sun Ja passes away peacefully in her sleep, lying next to all her daughters. Mi Sun, Mi Ri, and Mi Hye must stay strong through their grief to tend to the funeral guests. In Suk pays her respects to Sun Ja and tells the three sisters that they can look to her for help in the future. Meanwhile, Chairman Han kicks Na Hye Mi out of his house for good.

After Sun Ja’s passing, Young Dal carries on the ox-bone soup restaurant. Mi Ri is now a new mother and the ever-diligent CEO of Hansung Apparel. Mi Hye publishes the sequel to her novel, “Women at the Ox-bone Soup Restaurant”, while Mi Sun goes back to work. Finally, Tae Ju becomes the new chairman of Hansung Group and they remain close to In Suk and the former chairman. All is well with Sun Ja’s family.


Arthdal Chronicles

Tanya receives word of the Wahan and meets someone who’s seen Eunseom. Saya grows increasingly leery of those around him. Tagon gets what he wants.

Strangers From Hell – Only Strong Suspicions

Ji Eun messages Jong Woo, saying that she is headed to the studio. When Jong Woo arrives with Officer Soh, Ji Eun is frustrated with Jong Woo’s overreaction. The next morning, Jong Woo hears something strange from Mun Jo, but everything he said turns out to be true. Feeling confused, Jong Woo decides to leave Eden Studio. Meanwhile, Officer Soh’s investigation leads her to Ms. Eom’s hidden past.

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