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Welcome 2 Life – Let’s Go See Mom, Dad & Hand Over Yun Pil Woo to Us

Pil Woo’s underlings abduct and suffocate Jae Sang to death. Then, he has a dream where he meets Bo Na. Si On and Dong Taek are on the way to save Jae Sang. Will they able to save Jae Sang? Meanwhile, Do Sik tries to stop Pil Woo from harming Jae Sang who is an incumbent prosecutor, but Pil Woo won’t listen.

Jae Sang plans to drive a wedge between Do Sik and Pil Woo so that they can hand over each other’s secretive information to Jae Sang. He meets Pil Woo with a voice recording file of Do Sik. Meanwhile, Do Sik tries to win Pil Woo’s henchman over to his side in order to get rid of Pil Woo.

  • EP.29: 4.5%
  • EP.30: 6.1%

I Wanna Hear Your Song – Yi Young’s Memories of Ian & The Locker key

Yi Young gains her consciousness and some of her memories of Ian and the day of the accident. Professor Kang sneaks into Yi Young’s ward and takes what Young Gil left for Yi Young. Meanwhile, Yoon shows Ju Wan the video of how Young Gil was killed. Ju Wan finally says something about Professor Kang.

Ju Wan comes to meet Professor Kang. He tells Ju Wan what he did to Ian one year ago. Yi Young tells Yoon that she now remembers that Ju Wan didn’t come to the warehouse to kill her and Ian. Meanwhile, Ju Wan gives Eun Ju a key to a locker before he gets arrested by the police.

Home for Summer – What’s Best for Yeo Reum?

Jae Guk wants Sang Won and Geum Hui to be happy together. Yeo Reum finds a photo of Bo Ra in Sang Won’s drawers and asks if he knows his birth mother. Geum Hui meets with Yong Jin and hears that it’ll be better for Yeo Reum to live with his birth father.

A Place in the Sun – We Must Make an Alliance

Duk Shil gets furious as Tae Yang declares himself as a free man. Kwang Il asks Ji Min about Tae Yang, and he also thinks about his birth mother. Meanwhile, Tae Yang plans to take control of the management. He goes to see Mr. Jung to find answers.

  • EP.76: 14.5 %


The Great Show –

Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency – Longing

Hoon decides to allow Gae Ttong to join Flower Crew as a three-month apprentice. Meanwhile, Flower Crew is going through a dry spell of clients after what happened with Gae Ttong’s wedding. They finally get a request from the first-place winner of the temporary civil service exam, Lee Hyung Gyu, but Hoon gets the feeling that the young scholar is hiding something.

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