Drama Rating September 25th 2019

Korean Drama Rating Wednesday & Thursday

Major Broadcast

When the Camellia Blooms – The Mutt’s Strategy

As gossip seems to be growing, Dongbaek tries to push away Yong-sik, but he gets worried when he finds an unsettling message inside the bar.

Secret Boutique – Hyun Ji Running Away from Sun Woo & Sang Hoon’s Death

Hyun Ji runs away from Sun Woo, and she takes Sang Hoon with her. Ye Nam orders Mr. Hwang to find Monk Un San to prove that Jung Hyuk is not an offspring of the Deo family. Hyun Ji keeps trying to find her mother, and she gets a call from the police that they found a corpse of a woman who seems to be in her 50s.

Tae Seok finds Sang Hoon and kills him. Sun Woo tells Hyun Ji to disappear for good and stay in hiding. Hyun Ji goes to Sang Hoon’s parents to give them Sang Hoon’s money. Ye Nam finds Monk Un San. Yeo Ok wants to send Ye Nam to the US, but Ye Nam doesn’t step back obediently.

  • EP.03: 4.4%
  • EP.04: 5.0%

Rookie Historian Goo Hae-Ryung

Yi Jin warns the king about Min Ik-pyeong and hears something staggering. Yi Rim speaks frankly with Queen Dowager Im. Hae-ryung seeks U-won’s advice.

  • EP.37: 4.0%
  • EP.38: 6.2%

Home for Summer – I’ll Be a Really Good Father

When Sang Won finds out that his mother told Yeo Reum the shocking truth, he plans a surprise event for his son. After they have a fun day, Sang Won tells Yeo Reum how sorry he feels about the whole situation and promises to stay with him and Geum Hui forever.

A Place in the Sun – Kwang Il Tries to Persuade Mi Ran

Jae Bok proposes Mi Ran to move into his house in Jangchung-dong. Tae Joon suggests Kwang Il that he should beg Mi Ran to persuade Jae Bok. Kwang Il tries to persuade Mi Ran, but Mi Ran doesn’t think it is a good idea. Meanwhile, Jae Bok tells Tae Yang that he’ll move out after the shareholders meeting.

  • EP.78: 14.4%


The Running Mates: Human Rights

  • EP.03: 1.2%

Graceful Family

Miss Lee – I’ll Be a Shareholder

Ji Na convinces Sun Shim to buy the company’s stocks. Sun Shim puts her parents’ gravesite as collateral and takes out a loan to buy Ji Na’s stocks. When she returns to work the next day, both Ji Na and Mr. Oh are missing. What’s worse, they hear she hears that the company is about to go bankrupt.

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