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Welcome 2 Life – Who is Kim Sook Hui? & Si On Winning Award

Jae Sang’s team obtains more leads on the whereabouts of Lee Da Som. Jae Sang and Si On visit a theater where Lee Da Som’s boyfriend works, and they find out something shocking about Lee Da Som and Kim Sook Hui. Meanwhile, Do Sik continues to campaign vigorously. He gets upset at a small restaurant in a local marketplace.

Si On is chosen as a righteous police officer and receives an award. Jae Sang gives Bo Na and Si On gifts, and they plan to go hiking. However, in the middle of the night, Si On receives a text message that tells her to come to an old warehouse in a rural area. She gets attacked and collapses.

  • EP.17: 3.8%
  • EP.18: 4.8%

I Wanna Hear Your Song – Let’s Break Up & I’ll Turn Myself In

Yi Young finds Yoon, who has collapsed on the street, and takes him to the hospital. On the next day, Yoon wakes up, and he tells how his feelings for Yi Young have changed. Meanwhile, Ju Wan tells Eun Ju that he wants to break up with her. Eun Ju also tells Ju Wan that she knows why he tries to keep Yi Young by his side.

Yi Young goes to the police station to turn herself in. Yi Young can’t be reached, and Yoon is worried about her. Yoon thinks Young Gil might have abducted Yi Young and starts to tail him. Then, Yoon witnesses his father meeting with Young Gil. Meanwhile, Eun Ju tells Yoon what she saw on the day Kim Ian died.

Home for Summer – Leave Sang Won’s Side

Seon Gyeong tells Geum Hui to leave Sang Won’s side. Geum Hui rejects her idea, but she still tries to keep distance from Sang Won. Meanwhile, Jun Ho finds out that Ae Gyeong wants to bring Yeo Reum home.

A Place in the Sun – Oh Tae Yang’s New Plan

Shi Wol, Ms. Jang, and Tae Yang plan to deceive Kwang Il and Choi Tae Joon to bring Ji Min back. Ultimately, the three decide to team up to live together as everything should’ve been. Their first move is to bring Ji Min back to Korea. Ms. Jang convinces Kwang Il to bring Ji Min back if he wants to keep Shi Wol by his side.

  • EP.64: 14.8%


The Great Show – The Price of a Family

  • EP.03: 3.037%

At Eighteen – I Should Still Like You

Soo Bin’s mom’s harsh reaction to finding out that Jun Woo and Soo Bin are dating really hurts Jun Woo’s feelings. However, he tries to console Soo Bin who must’ve been hurt even more and tells her that they should hang in there and keep trying hard in school. Meanwhile, Hwi Young finds out that his grades were fabricated by his parents. He does badly on his final exam on purpose and calls his mom.

  • EP.13: 3.498%

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