Drama Rating September 4th 2019

Korean Drama Rating Wednesday & Thursday

Major Broadcast

Justice – Vice-Chairman Tak & Chairman Song & Hyojeong Chinese Restaurant

Tae Kyung and Yeon Ah take on the Jang Young Mi case. At a press conference, the victim, Young Mi, addresses Vice-Chairman Tak abducting and harassing her at his basement. As the news spread and heated discussions are on board, Chairman Song and Vice-Chairman Tak keep a close eye on each other’s next move.

No matter how hard Yeon Ah and Tae Kyung work to issue an arrest warrant, things seem to slide for Vice-Chairman Tak. Right when their investigation was about to get stuck, they retrieve Cho Hyun Woo’s personal belongings. While scanning through the objects, they find a mysterious key along with an odd number of a place called, “Hyojeong Chinese Restaurant.”

Rookie Historian Goo Hae-Ryung

Hae-ryung tries to enjoy a rare day off when Yi Rim shows up unannounced. Yi Jin hears an appeal submitted by U-won, which upsets the historians.

  • EP.29: 3.7%
  • EP.30: 5.5%

Doctor Detective – Tae Young’s Safe & Seo Rin Abducted

Tae Young tells Joong Eun to go to his office and check what’s inside the safe. Joong Eun and Min Ki arrive at Tae Young’s office, but at the same time, Sung Kuk’s underlings also come to the same place. Also, when Min visits Tae Young, he warns Min that she should not mess with Joong Eun and Se Rin.

Joong Eun is out of the office and Se Rin is left alone. Then, someone abducts Se Rin. Everyone in the UDC starts to look for Se Rin. Min Ki keeps calling Joong Eun to let her know, but she won’t pick up the phone. Meanwhile, Joong Eun gets to Ko Young Gil’s hideout and finds out what he’s up to.

  • EP.29: 3.0%
  • EP.30: 3.4%

Home for Summer – Not Him

In an overly drunk state, Jun Ho comes knocking on Geum Hui’s door in the middle of the night. Geum Hui, unable to get him to return home, calls Sang Won to help get Jun Ho home to Sang Mi. Meanwhile, Seok Ho receives a call regarding Geum Ju’s casting interview, saying how unprepared she was for the role.

A Place in the Sun – Come Back Home

Ji Min finally comes back from the US, everyone in Yangji family is happy except Tae Joon and Sook Hee’s family. Shi Wol secretly takes Ji Min out for a walk and lets him and Tae Yang meet. Meanwhile, Duk Shil says she will help to bring Ji Min no matter what, but Tae Yang asks her to stay out of it.

  • EP.66: 15.0%


When the Devil Calls Your Name – Who Hit I Gyeong’s Father?

Lucca almost dies while he is having surgery, but a miracle happens. He wakes up with his disease all cured. Meanwhile, I Gyeong’s brother tells Rip the truth about the day his father collapsed. After hearing that, Rip thinks that he should make things right and decides to let the people know about the truth.

  • EP.11: 1.844%

Class of Lies – The Big Blow

Graceful Family

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