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Justice – Vice-Chairman Tak is Arrested & Chairman Song’s Confession

Chairman Song’s loyal henchman, Choi Do Sik takes side with Vice-Chairman Tak out of anger from Chairman Song testifying against him and favoring Tae Kyung. Lady luck seemed to be on Tak Soo Ho’s side until the victim, Jang Young Mi testified. Feeling uneasy he chases after Yeon Ah and kidnaps her, but was arrested thanks to her team’s undercover ambush.

As almost all the cases are being closed, Tae Kyung feels the need to go over one last case. He decides to ask Yeon Ah to take over the case of his brother, Tae Ju’s wrongful death. At much contemplation, she decides to do the case. But they need solid evidence other than Tae Kyung’s testimony and turn their eyes to Chairman Song’s son, Dae Jin.

Rookie Historian Goo Hae-Ryung

Queen Dowager Im responds to Yi Rim’s earnest plea. Hae-ryung’s new assignment proves to be taxing. Sa-hui realizes her fate may not be in her control.

  • EP.31: 4.0%
  • EP.32: 5.4%

Doctor Detective – Moh Sung Kuk’s Demise & Jeong Eun Becomes Chief

The moment Joong Eun realizes Seo Rin was missing, she receives a text message from Choi Min telling her where to go. Later, Moh Sung Kuk stands trial where he denies any wrongdoing brought up against him by the UDC. However, Joong Eun’s testimony and witness statements stir up the courtroom.

A year passes, and Tae Young returns from prison. He meets with Joong Eun who gives him Seo Rin’s number and wishes him the best. He vows to rectify the wrong TL Group has done. Gong Il Sun gets appointed as Director of Occupational Safety and Health, while Joong Eun takes on the role as chief. Together with the rest of the UDC team, they continue to unravel industrial accidents and strive for a world where jobs enrich lives instead of destroying them.

  • EP.31: 3.9%
  • EP.32 END: 3.9%

Home for Summer – Home for Summer

After coincidentally running into Seok Ho, Geum Ju collapses onto the pavement. Seok Ho rushes her to the hospital but gets asked to leave when her parents show up. Yong Jin sneaks a peek into Gyeong Ae’s phone and asks her who the little boy is in the photos. Meanwhile, Jun Ho calls Geum Hui to talk about Yeo Reum.

A Place in the Sun – Ji Min Finds Out the Truth

Chairman Jang is shocked to hear from Duk Shil that Ji Min is Tae Yang’s son, and he collapses in front of Sook Hee after he confirms the truth. Shi Wol asks Tae Yang to see Chairman Jang, his grandfather before it’s too late, but Tae Yang hesitates. Meanwhile, Min Jae goes to Jung Hee and says Kwang Il is out of his mind raising Ji Min when he is not even his son. Ji Min overhears everything.

  • EP.67: 14.8%


When the Devil Calls Your Name – Monster

Tae Kang turns Ha Rip into the old Dong Cheon with his trick, but the conscience and consideration still remain. In order to have I Gyeong’s soul, Tae Kang gets rid of the inconvenience that makes Ha Rip hesitate and ponder so that Ha Rip would do everything he can to bring him what he wants.

  • EP.12: 1.624%

Class of Lies – Beom Jin Stands as a Witness

Graceful Family

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