Drama Rating September 6th 2019

Korean Drama Rating Friday

Major Broadcast

Doctor John – Don’t Leave & The Chairman’s Funeral

Cha Yo Han is deeply shocked by Gi Seok’s death. After administering treatment to Son Seok Ki whose condition had worsened, Cha Yo Han decides to leave his life at Seoul Hanse Medical Hospital as well as Si Young. However, Si Young tries to change his mind and tells him to be honest about his feelings.

Chairman Kang Yi Soo dies. Tae Kyung, Si Young, and Mi Rae mourn his death. Mi Rae decides to move back in with Si Young. Later, when she finds out that Yo Han was about to board a plane, she rushes to tell Si Young. Meanwhile, with the chairman’s passing, Joo Kyung asks Tae Kyung to consider taking over his position.

  • EP.29: 6.3%
  • EP.30: 8.1%

Home for Summer – The Difficulties of Becoming a Family

Seok Ho visits Geum Ju’s parents to ask them to approve of his and Geum Ju’s relationship, but Geum Ju’s mom is still against it. Meanwhile, Jun Ho tells Geum Hui that Yeo Reum’s biological father has appeared and that he might try to take Yeo Reum. However, Geum Hui doesn’t know whether to believe Jun Ho just yet. Finally, Sang Won discovers some shocking news about the children’s home where his son was known to have lived.


Be Melodramatic – Admitting the Problem

As So Min continues to miss Min Joon, Eun Jung realizes she is missing Hong Dae. Jae Hoon and Ha Yoon grow tired of holding onto their relationship and Bum Soo has all his staff members taken away by Hwan Dong. Meanwhile, Jin Joo finally gets a studio of her own and dreams of peace and coziness. However, her dreams are shattered as she faces a hoard of unexpected visitors.

  • EP.09: 1.5%

Source: AGB Nielson

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