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Mother of Mine – Sun Ja Collapses & Mi Ri & Mi Hye Found Out About Sun Ja’s Illness

Sun Ja is taken to the hospital and Mi Sun begs the doctor to save her mom. After hearing from Chairman Han that Sun Ja is sick, Na Hye Mi calls Mi Ri out of the office and tells her she should go to her mom’s house and take a break from work during her pregnancy. While Mi Hye is enjoying the preparations for her wedding, Woo Jin has a hunch that something is wrong with Sun Ja.

Tae Ju decides to take In Suk’s suggestion to become the chairman of Hansung Group before Na Hye Mi can kick Mi Ri out after she gives birth to their baby. The plans to make Tae Ju take the place as chairman is set in motion and In Suk catches Na Hye Mi having an affair. Meanwhile, Sun Ja begins a grueling course of chemotherapy. Finally, Mi Ri and Mi Hye find out about Sun Ja’s condition.

  • EP.97: 28.4%
  • EP.98: 32.3%

Doctor John – Yo Han Is Out of Reach & Yo Han & Si Young Confirm Their Love

Si Young can’t reach Yo Han, and she is worried about him. However, Yo Han doesn’t contact her for three years. After three years, Yo Han finally comes back to the hospital and meets Si Young, but he doesn’t explain what happened to him for the past three years.

Yo Han suggests to Si Young that she should do a brainwave test on the patient. Si Young asks Yo Han why he didn’t tell her that he was sick, and Yo Han apologizes to her. Yoo Joon tells Si Young that Yo Han kept watch over Si Young for a year, and Yo Han and Si Young finally confirm their love.

  • EP.31: 6.7%
  • EP.32 END: 10.2%

Golden Garden – Secretary Han’s Warning & Sabina’s Toothbrush

Dae Sung tries to make things right again with Nam Hee as she recovers at the hospital. However, she doesn’t even want to see his face. Nam Hee tells Secretary Han to never show herself again, and Secretary Han warns Sabina that she will pay for breaking her promise. Meanwhile, Pil Seung gets a lead with the missing money involving Lee Sung Wook.

Pil Seung asks Mid Eun to bring his toothbrush and also tells Dong Joo to bring him Sabina’s toothbrush. Furious at Secretary Han’s threat, Nan Sook digs a little deeper into the baby journal Sabina had found in Secretary Han’s room. Meanwhile, Pil Seung and Ki Young track down Choi Sang Sik, the man suspected to have taken the missing money.

Golden Garden – Pil Seung’s True Feelings & Sabina Asks Her Mom for Help

Sabina accuses Dong Joo of stealing her toothbrush and demands to search her purse. Luckily, Pil Seung shows up to help. Although Dong Joo working for Chairwoman Jin bothers him, Pil Seung still tries to win her back. Meanwhile, Sabina reaches out to Joon Ki to have Dong Joo stop working for his mom.

Joon Ki learns from Secretary Han about his mother’s condition. Sabina worries that Dong Joo will do a paternity test with the toothbrush she stole and asks her mom, Nan Sook, for help. Meanwhile, Pil Seung ends up back at square one with his investigation.


Be Melodramatic – Don’t Waste Your Time

Not knowing about Jae Hoon’s break up with Ha Yoon, Han Joo hands Jae Hoon a pair of musical tickets that Ha Yoon likes. Eun Jung gives some heart felt advice to So Min which makes her run to Min Joon right away. Meanwhile, In Jong finds some similar parts between Hye Jung’s and Jin Joo’s scripts. Hwan Dong and Jin Joo’s past resurfaces with Hye Jung and Bum Soo being roped into the rumours.

  • EP.10: 1.8%

Strangers From Hell – Jong Woo Meets Mun Jo

Jong Woo meets Mun Jo who also lives at the studio on the rooftop. Jong Woo feels comfortable with him as they speak the same language. Jung Hwa gets suspicious about Deuk Jong in Unit 306 and starts an investigation on her own. Meanwhile, Jong Woo is exhausted and stressed from work. On his way home, he witnesses something creepy.

Arthdal Chronicles – Part 3: The Prelude to All Legends

Tanya becomes overwhelmed by Arthdal’s reception of her new role, and demands that Taealha and Tagon keep their end of the bargain.

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