Drama Rating September 8th 2019

Korean Drama Rating Saturday and Sunday

Major Broadcast

Mother of Mine – The Three Sisters Combine their Efforts & The News Gets Out

Mi Ri and Mi Hye come to the hospital where Sun Ja is staying in and cry their eyes out, but Mi Sun tells them to be strong. Mi Hye wants to put off her wedding, but Woo Jin suggests they get it done as soon as possible. As Mi Sun is busy taking care of Sun Ja, her in-laws support her by taking care of Da Bin. After witnessing the gruesome effects of chemotherapy, Mi Ri talks to the doctor about whether they should continue treatment for Sun Ja.

After learning that Sun Ja’s treatment is more for the family’s peace of mind, Mi Ri suggests to her sisters that they stop the treatment. Meanwhile, Jin Soo visits Sun Ja in the hospital. Later, Sun Ja enjoys a nighttime stroll only to hear a family arguing over the care of their sick mother. Finally, the news that Mi Ri is In Suk’s daughter gets out and Mi Ri is hounded by reporters.

  • EP.99: 29.0%
  • EP.100: 34.3%


Strangers From Hell – Mental Derangement

Jong Woo gets a strange vibe from something Mun Jo says while the two are having a beer. On top of the two missing persons from Eden Studio, Nam Bok from Unit 313 threatens Jong Woo with a knife, making things even more nerve-wracking. Meanwhile, Jung Hwa comes to Eden Studio and speaks to Bok Soon. Jong Woo overhears their conversation and finds out that Bok Soon was lying.

Arthdal Chronicles

Mihol informs Tagon about the finer points of being a king. Saya’s appearance bewilders the Wahan. Eunseom receives help from the Neanthal.

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