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Welcome 2 Life – We’re Neighbors & I’ll Rescue You, Ma’am

Jae Sang moves into Si On’s next door and even invites her to his housewarming party. Also, Jae Sang subpoenaed Do Sik without discussing anyone on his team. Meanwhile, Yun Ki starts to think that Do Sik’s wife is up to something after they run into each other at Do Sik’s office.

Jae Sang offers a deal with Do Sik’s wife who has been abused by Do Sik, but she hesitates to accept it. Do Sik still abuses his wife and son whenever he wants to vent his anger. Meanwhile, Si On gets attacked by a stranger in the middle of the night. Jae Sang takes her to the hospital.

  • EP.21: 3.8%
  • EP.22: 5.1%

I Wanna Hear Your Song – Bring Me the Pen & Ju Wan’s Inaugural Concert

Young Gil tells Yi Young to find a pen and bring it to him. He also says that he will share the identity of a person who was in the warehouse one year ago. Yi Young tries to find the pen. At the banquet in the orchestra, Yoon overhears the conversation between Eun Ju and Ju Wan. Yoon keeps thinking that Ju Wan is involved in Ian’s death.

Yi Young meets Young Gil and hands the pen over to him. However, Young Gil refuses to tell her what happened one year ago. Instead, He meets Professor Kang and asks him for money. He also visits Ju Wan right before his inaugural concert. When Young Gil and Ju Wan talk in hiding, someone listens to their conversation.

Home for Summer – Stop Sang Won from Finding His Son

Gyeong Ae tells Sang Mi to find someone who will stop Sang Won from finding his long-lost son. Geum Hui gets anxious to hear that Yeo Reum’s biological father is looking to take Yeo Reum back.

A Place in the Sun – Ji Min Runs Away from Home

Ji Min runs away from home and the whole Choi family along with Shi Wol and Oh Tae Yang are worried. Kwang Il and Duk Shil are as desperate to find Ji Min’s whereabouts since Ji Min is special to both of their spouses. Meanwhile, Ji Min roams around the city doing things he always wanted to do, but couldn’t.

  • EP.68: 14.3%


The Great Show – If It Happens to You

  • EP.05: 2.467%

At Eighteen – Ways to Embrace Your Scar

Jun Woo has the best birthday of his life, thanks to Soo Bin. With Soo Bin’s heartfelt support, Jun Woo works hard to achieve his dreams, despite being busier than ever. Finding out about Hwi Young’s wrongdoings toward Jun Woo, Soo Bin feels sorry for not knowing and guilty for not being able to help. Meanwhile, Jun Woo feels mixed emotions as Hwi Young breaks down in front of his eyes.

  • EP.15: 3.740%

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