Justice EP.11-12– EP.6

Justice 저스티스

EP.11-12– EP.6 – The Struggle Between Soo Ho & Tae Kyung & Soo Ho’s Threat

Tae Kyung looks into Soo Ho’s past, and he finds out one strange accident happened when Soo Ho was in elementary school. Tae Kyung gets to know the exact reason why Yeon Ah got demoted four years ago. Tae Kyung wants to fight against Jungjin, but Woo Yong wants him to do as he says.

Yeon Ah meets Young Mi to ask her about Cha Eun Bi, but Young Mi tells her that she knows nothing. Tae Kyung goes to a hotel to have a meeting with the lawyer from Inchang, and he gets to see Woo Yong there. Tae Kyung doesn’t want to drop the lawsuit, and Soo Ho gets annoyed.

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Lee Tae Kyung is a legal representative that voluntarily safeguards damaged high-level authorities to make his wide range as well as power. He began to chase after cash as well as power after he shed his household due to cash as well as power. He wishes to retaliate his sibling’s fatality, so he signs up with hands with Tune Woo Yong. Nevertheless, he learns the fact of his sibling’s fatality when he obtains captured up in the loss situation of kids. Tune Woo Yong is the chairman of a building and construction business. For his household, he agrees to dedicate a wicked act. To attain what he wishes, he complies with to individuals that are in authority. He does not wait to squash the weak, as well as he approaches his objective easily. Nevertheless, he at some point breaks down due to his very own wish. Throughout their trip to attain their very own objectives, they forgot one crucial point. That figuring out the definition of life is one of the most crucial, not achieving their aspirations. Will they have the ability to recognize this at the end?

Lee Tae-Kyung is a celebrity attorney with the most effective win price. He has the ability to win situations by utilizing his sharp reasoning as well as smart speeches. Lee Tae-Kyung collects power as well as wide range by handling customers that become part of the elite course. His situations are typically referred from Tune Woo-Yong that is the proprietor of a building and construction business. Lee Tae-Kyung obtains these high course lawbreakers acquitted or at minimal get probation. Lee Tae-Kyung initially ended up being a legal representative to repay for his more youthful sibling, yet he has actually given that ended up being concentrated on cash. He transforms when he handles a collection of situations entailing missing out on starlets.

At The Same Time, Tune Woo-Yong has actually expanded his building and construction business by channeling criminal situations entailing rich people to Lee Tae-Kyung. For his household, he wishes a lot more power. He enters dispute with Lee Tae-Kyung over the situations entailing missing out on starlets.

  • Runtime: Wednesday & Thursday 22:00 KST

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