[Engsub] Mother of Mine EP.93-94 – EP.47 – EP.99-100 – EP.50

Mother of Mine 세상에서 제일 예쁜 내 딸

EP.93-94 – EP.47 – Getting Ready to Say Goodbye & Sun Ja Lashes Out in Sadness & Anger

Fed up with Sun Ja’s strange behavior, Mi Sun declares not to visit her mom’s house for the time being. After taking some of Sun Ja’s kimchi to the publishing company, Woo Jin finally expresses his love for Mi Hye. Meanwhile, Sun Ja slowly begins to prepare for her imminent death and Mi Hye finds it odd to see her mom throwing away her old clothes. Mi Ri and Tae Ju are just happy to hear that their baby is doing well.

As Mi Ri and Tae Ju prepare to move back in with Chairman Han, Na Hye Mi plots to take custody of their child after it is born and kick Mi Ri out. Meanwhile, Sun Ja tells Jae Bum to stop coming to her house and goes to the publishing company to tell Woo Jin he should marry Mi Hye as soon as possible. After Sun Ja finds out that Mi Sun quit her job, she leaves feeling devastated. Finally, In Suk finds out that Sun Ja is sick.

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EP.95-96 – EP.48 – In Suk’s Begins her Penance & Mi Sun Finds Out About Sun Ja’s Illness

Sun Ja admits to In Suk that she has lung cancer but refuses In Suk’s advice to go to the hospital. Sun Ja says that she has too much to do and not enough time. Meanwhile, Mi Hye finds out that Woo Jin received permission to marry from her mom and is thrilled and grateful. As Mi Ri faces opposition from her in-laws about her working until she gives birth, Mi Sun finds herself butting heads with Jin Soo over her new job.

Jae Bum realizes he is not over Mi Hye just yet, but when Mi Hye comes to tell him about her marriage, he collapses on the spot. Mi Ri continues to overexert herself at work and Tae Ju tries to make her take things easy. Meanwhile, as In Suk prepares to look after Sun Ja, she asks Chairman Han to postpone her departure to the States. In Suk also pays a visit to Mi Sun who is working at the supermarket and delivers the news about Sun Ja’s condition.

EP.97-98 – EP.49 – Sun Ja Collapses & Mi Ri & Mi Hye Found Out About Sun Ja’s Illness

Sun Ja is taken to the hospital and Mi Sun begs the doctor to save her mom. After hearing from Chairman Han that Sun Ja is sick, Na Hye Mi calls Mi Ri out of the office and tells her she should go to her mom’s house and take a break from work during her pregnancy. While Mi Hye is enjoying the preparations for her wedding, Woo Jin has a hunch that something is wrong with Sun Ja.

Tae Ju decides to take In Suk’s suggestion to become the chairman of Hansung Group before Na Hye Mi can kick Mi Ri out after she gives birth to their baby. The plans to make Tae Ju take the place as chairman is set in motion and In Suk catches Na Hye Mi having an affair. Meanwhile, Sun Ja begins a grueling course of chemotherapy. Finally, Mi Ri and Mi Hye find out about Sun Ja’s condition.

EP.99-100 – EP.50 – The Three Sisters Combine their Efforts & The News Gets Out

Mi Ri and Mi Hye come to the hospital where Sun Ja is staying in and cry their eyes out, but Mi Sun tells them to be strong. Mi Hye wants to put off her wedding, but Woo Jin suggests they get it done as soon as possible. As Mi Sun is busy taking care of Sun Ja, her in-laws support her by taking care of Da Bin. After witnessing the gruesome effects of chemotherapy, Mi Ri talks to the doctor about whether they should continue treatment for Sun Ja.

After learning that Sun Ja’s treatment is more for the family’s peace of mind, Mi Ri suggests to her sisters that they stop the treatment. Meanwhile, Jin Soo visits Sun Ja in the hospital. Later, Sun Ja enjoys a nighttime stroll only to hear a family arguing over the care of their sick mother. Finally, the news that Mi Ri is In Suk’s daughter gets out and Mi Ri is hounded by reporters.

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Park Sun Ja raised her three daughters by herself while running a small beep soup restaurant. First daughter Mi Sun is a working mom with a daughter. She is the busy one who struggles between her work and the family. Second daughter Mi Ri cares for her mother. She is a confident and successful woman who is promising at work. However, she gets involved in a romantic relationship with a co-worker.

Mi Hye, the youngest daughter, was a promising novelist. Her first novel was a great hit, but that is just a past glory. She is now working at Sun Ja’s restaurant as a part-timer. This drama is about a love-hate relationship between a mother and her daughters. Also, the three daughters represent different types of women these day. The story of them have the message of compassion and caring that will make you look back on your own family.


  • Runtime: Saturday & Sunday 19:55 KST

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