Voice 3 EP.06

Voice 3 보이스 3

EP.06 – The Revenge

The perpetrator that shot poisonous darts has been apprehended. She reveals she wanted revenge for what Director Cheon has done to her. It turns out Director Cheon has been helping an international gang that abducts pregnant foreign women and uses the babies for profit. Meanwhile, Chief Na suspects Kang Woo’s sanity and starts to find people that know more about his condition.

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Emergency 112 call center members deal with an international evil cartel. The group is involved in the internet’s dark web.

The long awaited third season of Voice series begins. Despite all the struggle and hard work the Golden Time Team went through, they have only dealt with the tip of the iceberg. They realise that there is a more cruel and horrifying evil cartel called Auction Fabre. The cartel deals in weapons, snuff films, and others that are related to misanthropy. The cartel operates and trades on the Dark Web which makes them harder to track and apprehend. The investigation to take down the international cartel is coming to its conclusion.


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  • Runtime: Sat. & Sun. 21:00

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