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EP.10- Jo Soo Yeon’s Secret

Young Goon believes that a cleaning service company is deeply involved in the Baek Song Yi case and investigate them. He finds out that the company has a connection to corrupt police officers including Jang Hae Ryong. Young Goon also finds out a secret that Jo Soo Yeon has been keeping all this time.

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The cops are to secure as well as offer the individuals. Nonetheless, can individuals thoughtlessly rely on the cops? Can their feeling of justice constantly right as well as upright? Otherwise, that will enjoy them? Do Chi Gwang makes a decision to come to be a viewer after discovering a fellow policeman’s corruption. Kim Youthful Hooligan has actually observed his papa murder his mom. Han Tae Joo, that was when a district attorney, has actually come to be a defense attorney for crooks. As a result of a terrible occasion that happened 15 years back, 3 people in some way linked to this occasion are functioning to discover the reality.

The lives of Do Chi-Gwang, Kim Young-Koon as well as Han Tae-Joo were ruined by a terrible event. They entered of an inner events examination group for the cops as well as they attempt to collect the reality on that lags the terrible event.


  • Runtime: Sat. & Sun. 22:20

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