[Engsub] Everybody Say Kungdari EP.44

Everybody says Kungdari 모두 다 쿵따리

EP.44 – Su Ho Tries to Find the Truth

Su Ho wonders if Bo Mi is the daughter that Ms. Jo said she lost. He visits the nunnery that Bo Mi used to stay and gets some pictures from there. Meanwhile, Da Shik gets hospitalized because he had an appendectomy. Da soon and Da Shik come back to Kungdari.

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Bo-Mi is a Korean adoptee in the United States. She lives in New York and enjoys her life there, but she gets involved in an unexpected case. Bo-Mi doesn’t have a U.S. citizenship and she is kicked out of the country. She returns to her hometown village of Kungdari, South Korea. There, Bo-Mi meets Soo-Ho. Soo-Ho used to work in finance in the United States. He was successful there, but to develop a natural remedy for his ill daughter, Soo-Ho settled down in Kungdari.

Han Su Ho, who was as soon as a New Yorker that loved the New York life as a thriving MD of New York Inventory Trade, loses his spouse via an accident. To make issues worse, his daughter additionally suffers from thrombocytopenia. He quits all the pieces to stay in a village known as Kungdari the place he tries to develop a pure treatment for his daughter. All people Say Kungdari is a pleasant rural drama which talks about what’s actually vital in life.

  • Runtime: Monday-Friday 7:50 KST

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