Gracious Revenge EP.94

우아한 모녀 / Gracious Revenge

EP.94 – It’s All Your Fault

After seeing Jennis committing suicide with Hae Joon by jumping into the river, Carry is devastated. Yoon Kyung and Eun Ha blame Carry, saying that she’s ruining their children’s lives. Fortunately, Hae Joon and Jennis both are rescued and taken to a hospital. Hae Joon soon regains consciousness and goes to see Jennis who’s still in a coma. Yoon Kyung happens to overhear what Hae Joon says to Jennis.

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How will the greed and evil doings of parents lead their children in the future? By harming three different households over generations as a curse. This drama started from a simple question of how a daughter who’s traumatized and wounded by her mother’s twisted maternal love can heal her broken soul. A storyline of revenge after revenge, first it was one mother’s avenge to a long-feuded family by kidnapping their daughter. This daughter grows up to avenge her mother for brutally tearing her life apart. Gracious Revenge is a journey of vengeance smothered with money, lies, deceitfulness, and greed of power.

Gracious Revenge tells a story of a woman who was raised as a tool for her mother’s revenge and her dangerous love life will be introduced.

Carrie Jung lost her husband and child. She now lives only take revenge on those responsible for their deaths. Carrie Jung raises Han Yoo-Jin as a tool in her revenge plan. Han Yoo-Jin is a smart and beautiful woman, but she falls in love with a man who she should not love.

  • Release Date: November 4, 2019 –
  • Runtime: Monday – Friday 19:50-20:30 (40 min.)

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