Hot Stove League EP.37-39– EP.16 END

스토브리그 / Hot Stove League

EP.37-39– EP.16 – Selling the Dreams & Seung Soo’s Presentation & A New Start

Seung Soo proposes to Jaesong Group that he sell the Dreams before it gets disbanded. He gets Kyung Min to buy some time and meets with PF Soft, a tech company considering taking on the Dreams. Meanwhile, Se Young looks for a way to make the Dreams into a public run franchise.

Seung Soo presents to the CEO of PF on why he should buy the Dreams. However, the start doesn’t look too promising. After revealing the facts, Seung Soo shifts his focus onto PF, hitting his soft spot. Meanwhile, the rest of the Dream’s staff wait anxiously for an answer.

Under one condition, PF Soft agrees to buy the Dreams. The Dreams celebrate with their new owners and get ready for the new season. Meanwhile, Kyung Min says a few eye-opening words to Kwon Il Do in honor of his father as he walks out of his office.

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Before joining Dreams, the bottom-ranked baseball team, as a general manager, Seung Soo successfully led a Korean wrestling team, a hockey team, and a handball team to championships only to see them disband because of their unpopularity. Even fans have lost faith and sympathy over Dreams, where coaches are fist-fighting with one and another, and players are reluctant to be picked. Seung Soo believes in the power of rationality and also that it is his only chance in making Dreams the champion. Lee Se Young is the youngest and the only female operations manager in the league. She’s been a big fan of Dreams for many years. She worked for Dreams for 10 years and she clearly understands that the team is breaking apart. However, she never wanted to admit that the lack of resources is the only reason for the team’s failure. As two managers work their way through struggles, Se Young eventually realizes the reasons behind Seung Soo’s strategy although she remains firm with her own perspective of confronting struggles. It is a story of fierce struggles with a series of life-and-death incidents one after the other. Will two managers be able to lead Dreams from bottom to top?

Baek Seung-Soo is the newly appointed general manager of professional baseball team Dreams. The team ranks bottom of the league. Lee Se-Young is the operations manager of the team. She has so much love for Dreams and she never gives up on the team.

Kang Tae-Woo is an ex-detective. He attempts to reveal the truth behind the death of his younger sibling.

  • Release Date: December 13, 2019 —
  • Runtime: Friday & Saturday 22:00

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