Kkondae Intern EP.11-12– EP.06

꼰대인턴 Kkondae Inter

EP.11-12– EP.06 – My Savior & Cheap Ramyeon

Yeol Chan retrieves Man Sic and gets him his job back but ends up with his neck on the line. However, when Joon Su reports Yeol Chan to the chairman, the chairman only thinks of promoting him. Meanwhile, Man Sic makes a phony customer feedback report, and the company enforces a new campaign where employees buy their products.

Someone puts bought ramyeon up for sale cheap that stirs up a commotion in the office. Knowing it’s too much pressure for some, Yeol Chan offers to reimburse their purchases. However, things get out of hand with the campaign, and Yoon Soo figures out who wrote the nasty comments.

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After graduation, Ka Yeol-Chan (Park Hae-Jin) landed his first job at a company. His boss there, Lee Man-Shik, was a “kkondae” which refers to a rigid, old school type of person. He would force his old school ways of thinking on Ka Yeol-Chan. Due to Lee Man-Sik and his old school ways of thinking, Ka Yeol-Chan quit his job there.

Ka Yeol-Chan then found a job at a ramen company. He worked very hard and was promoted unusually quickly, due to his radical planning and aggressive marketing. Ka Yeol-Chan now works as the chief of the sales and marketing department at the ramen company. His position actually wields the most power in the company. One day, Ka Yeol-Chan gets a senior age intern. That intern is Lee Man-Shik, who gave him such a hard time at his first job.

  • Release Date: May 20, 2020 —
  • Runtime: Wednesday & Thursday 21:00 (35 minutes each / 2 episodes per day)

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