Level Up EP.10

Level Up 레벨업

An Dan-Te (Sung Hoon) is a director at Yoosung CRC, which specializes in restructuring companies. He does not express his feelings and he is a perfectionist at work. He seems cold-blooded. To save the game company Joybuster from bankruptcy, An Dan-Te is sent there and begins to work as their new CEO.

Meanwhile Shin Yeon-Hwa (Han Bo-Reum) is head of game development at Joybuster. She works on a new game, which can satisfy CEO An Dan-Te, but they come into conflict on pretty much everything.

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Cold as well as accurate, Ahn Dan Te, is the practical supervisor of Yoo Seong CRC, a business which focuses on the restructuring as well as resurrecting of firms on the edge of failing. Sent out to Joybuster, a video game business on the edge of insolvency, Dan Te tackles the function of Chief Executive Officer as well as wastes no time at all in attempting to obtain this business back on its feet.

As head of video game advancement at Joybuster, Shin Yeon Hwa partner with her brand-new Chief Executive Officer, in an effort to conserve their passing away business. Entrusted with creating a brand-new video game which pleases every one of Dan Te’s needs, Yeon Hwa quickly locates herself fluctuating someplace in between having a worried break down as well as devoting murder.

Totally up in arms with each various other, Yeon Hwa as well as Dan Te never ever appear to quit combating; however everybody recognizes revers constantly locate a method to draw in. Can the poker-faced manager with absolutely no feelings as well as the cranky video game programmer truly locate love when they can not also settle on a method to conserve their passing away business?

  • Runtime: Wednesday & Thursdays 23:00

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