My Unfamiliar Family EP.13

(아는 건 별로 없지만) 가족입니다

EP.13 – Chan Hyuk’s Family

Ji Woo asks Eun Hee why Chan Hyuk doesn’t have a driver’s license, but Eun Hee doesn’t seem to know much about him either. Gun Joo asks Chan Hyuk for an unusual favor, and Chan Hyuk gladly agrees. Later on, Chan Hyuk starts to tell Eun Hee about his family, and Eun Joo runs into an old colleague.

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As people get older, they have less time to spend with their families and separately live their own lives. They become to meet someone who they share their time, feelings, and even their secrets. Under this circumstance, the family becomes like strangers and people in relationships become like family.

Kim Eun-Hee (Han Ye-Ri) is the second daughter in a family. She is tender and thoughtful. She easily trusts people. Kim Eun-Hee works at publishing company.

Sometimes, the things and people we think are closest to us are the most difficult to understand. Perhaps it’s because they feel so familiar that we don’t bother to learn more about them. The same goes for our family members, our parents most of all. Getting to know our friends’ interests, favorites, and tastes seems so easy whereas getting to know our parents? It seems close to impossible.

But then, how well do parents know their children? Some close acquaintances may know more of our secrets than our own parents do. They could be old lovers, friends, colleagues, the owner of our favorite restaurant, the part-timer who works at that café, or even online friends. We share our secrets, sorrows, and joys with them and sometimes complain about our families to them. All kinds of love and pain are oftentimes learned from within the family after all. This drama shows us the story of a family of strangers and their acquaintances who are closer than family as they overcome misunderstandings and learn to accept one another.

  • Drama: My Unfamiliar Family (English title) / (I Don’t Know Much, But) We Are Family (literal title)
  • Release Date: June 1, 2020 —
  • Runtime: Monday & Tuesday 21:00

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