Once Again EP.73-74– EP.37

한 번 다녀왔습니다 / Once Again

EP.73-74– EP.37

Ok Boon leaves the house and ends up going to her ex-in-law, Yun Jeong. The two reconcile and Yun Jeong comforts her distress with her husband. Meanwhile, the whole Song family is up and about searching for their mom. They can’t seem to find her anywhere and feel at a loss, worrying about her until Gyu Jin randomly visits his mom’s house with Jae Seok.

Ok Boon lets her daughters know that she will not give in to Young Dal’s selfishness this time. The girls agree and just ask for her to keep in contact. Ok Ja spots Yeon Hong talking to a mom figure on the phone and witnesses other fishy encounters. She starts doubting whether Yeon Hong is really Young Dal’s sister.

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Song Young-Dal (Cheon Ho-Jin) and Jang Ok-Boon (Cha Hwa-Yeon) have been married for many years and they have 4 children: Joon-Sun (Oh Dae-Hwan), Ga-Hee (Oh Yoon-Ah), Na-Hee (Lee Min-Jung) and Da-Hee (Lee Cho-Hee).

Third child Na-Hee is a doctor and she works with her husband Doctor Kyu-Jin (Lee Sang-Yeob) at the same hospital. They fell in love during their medical school days and got married, but their marriage life is not doing very well. Meanwhile, the first child Joon-Sun (Oh Dae-Hwan) and the second child Ga-Hee (Oh Yoon-Ah) are both divorcees and live with their parents. The youngest child Da-Hee struggles as an intern at a company.

  • Release Date: March 28, 2020 —
  • Runtime: Saturday & Sunday 19:55

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