Shady Mom-In-Law

Shady Mom-in-Law 수상한 장모

EP.01 – Now It All Begins

The only grandson of the J Group runs into a famous designer Jenny by accident. However, Eun Seok falls in love the moment he meets her. Da Jin, the chairman of the J Group asks Dong Joo, a former detective for help to track down the Black Rose, but he refuses his proposal. Meanwhile, Eun Seok gets the chance to work with Jenny on their collaboration project. Stay tuned to find out more.

EP.02 – Jenny Comes on the Stage

Jenny prepares her last show in Japan. Since it’s the last show, Jenny wants to appear on the finale stage. However, Soo Jin doesn’t want Jenny to show herself to people. She calls someone and gives suspicious orders. Meanwhile, Kyung In hears about Jenny coming back to Korea and plans to do an interview.

EP.03 – Who Was That Man?

Jenny faints on the stage after hearing a loud bang. Eun Seok spots a suspicious man running to the back of the stage and follows him. Kyung In wants to get an exclusive interview with Jenny, so she asks Dong Joo if he can help her. Meanwhile, Song Ah visits the house she’ll be moving into with her mom, Hwa Ja.

EP.04 – Eun Seok Returns to Korea

Despite all the nice offers, Jenny begs Man Soo to stop pretending to be in-laws with her mom. Song Ah and her mother meets Dong Joo and his daughter again. Kyung In is sent to be Jenny’s driver in disguise. Eun Seok returns to Korea. Some are looking forward to see him, while others are not.

EP.05 – The Tantrum in the Car

Soo Jin finds the driver suspicious, and Kyung In eventually admits what actually happened when Soo Jin tries to jump out of a moving car. Jenny finds Kyung In’s passion fascinating and saves her number in the phone. Meanwhile, Eun Seok returns home and catches up with the family.

EP.06 – An Exclusive Interview

Dong Joo and Kyung In finally find a house. It turns out to be the house Song Ah has put out a rent. Everything works out perfectly, so they sign the contract. Meanwhile, Jenny calls Kyung In to apologized and meet with her. However, Jenny’s mom put a stop to it as usual. Eun Seok meets with Song Ah.

EP.07 – Jenny Meets Eun Seok

Soo Jin finds out that Kyung In tried to meet Jenny behind her back. She goes to see Kyung In and tells her to keep away from Jenny. However, Kyung In gets more curious about Jenny and Soo Jin. Da Jin tells Eun Seok that he is trying to find the Black Rose and asks him for help. Meanwhile, Eun Seok runs into Jenny at the lobby.

EP.08 – The Negotiation

It’s finally the day J Group and Jenny make the negotiation. Despite all the warnings and precautions, Eun Ji ruins the meeting due to Ae Ri’s direction. Eun Seok tries to mend things with Jenny, but her mom tries to stop it as she does not think favorable of Eun Seok. Meanwhile, Ae Ri tries to negotiate with Soo Jin secretly.

EP.09 – The Rebellion

Soo Jin makes sure that Eun Seok will not get near Jenny. Ae Ri assures her it won’t happen again. Meanwhile, Eun Seok and Jenny are having fun meandering the streets of Seoul and going to the club. Man Su is upset to hear the news. Eun Seok is doubtful that Soo Jin makes Jenny sound like a weird person.

EP.10 – Jenny Goes to the Police Station

Ae Ri tells the family about the contract and reminds Eun Seok to not get near Jenny. Eun Seok does not accept the terms. The next day, Jenny contacts Eun Seok to find out whether her mom really reported the pickpocket case. Meanwhile, Dong Joo’s family moves into the annex.

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“Shady Mom-in-law” is a story about the mysterious mother-in-law who has a secret past that makes her to stay in low. However, her daughter, a famous hermit designer, falls in love with someone the mother doesn’t approve of. He is the only grandson of a rich family and the consultant expert of J Group. Even though they fall in love at the first sight, the long-lasting hatred between families prevent them from loving each other. This drama unfolds stories about lovers who have to make a rough journey because of one’s mysterious past.

Jenny (Shin Da-Eun) works as a fashion designer and she is successful at her job. She has a very close relationship with her mother Soo-Jin (Kim Hye-Sun). Her mother wants Jenny to marry Man-Soo (Son Woo-Hyuk), but Jenny does not like Man-Soo and ignores him. Jenny happens to meet Eun-Suk (Park Jin-Woo). They fall in love with each other at first sight. Eun-Suk has a warm and quiet personality, but he believes in doing the right thing. He is from a wealthy family. They decide to get married, but Jenny’s mother Soo-Jin opposes their marriage.

  • Runtime: Monday-Friday 08:40-09:10

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