The Game: Towards Zero EP.05-06– EP.3

더 게임: 0시를 향하여 / The Game: Towards Zero

EP.05-06– EP.3 – A Miracle & Tae Pyung’s Concern

When Joon Young finds out where Mi Jin is buried alive, she does everything she can to save her. When people start to believe it was too late for Mi Jin, a miracle happens. Mi Jin starts breathing again. At the same time, Tae Pyung experiences his foresight being changed for the first time in his life and hopes this will lead to something beneficial.

Although Mi Jin was saved from the culprit’s murder attempt, Tae Pyung still worries about Mi Jin. Meanwhile, Tae Pyung realizes that he might have feelings for Joon Young. Eventually, Tae Pyung decides to take a look at Mi Jin’s picture once more to see what his foresight will show this time.

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This drama tells the story of a prophet and a detective who partner up in order to solve a serial murder case.

Kim Tae Pyung (TaecYeon) is a prophet who can foresee anyone’s death just by looking into their eyes. This changes when he meets Joon Young whose death he cannot see. Joon Young (Lee Yeon Hee) is a detective who works at Yongsan Police Station. She partners with a prophet to solve a mysterious murder case. Meanwhile, Goo Do Kyung (Im Ju Hwan) is a forensic expert. He is a perfectionist who digs through every case.

Tae-Pyeong (TaecYeon) is a prophet. When he looks into someone’s eye, he can see the moment right before they die. Tae-Pyeong is smart, rich and handsome. Despite his special ability, he is a bright person. A mysterious serial murder case draws Tae-Pyeong’s attention. He partners with Detective Joon-Young to solve the string of murders.

  • Release Date: January 22, 2020
  • Runtime: Wednesday & Thursdays 21:00 (35 minutes each / 2 episodes per day)

더 게임: 0시를 향하여 / The Game: Towards Zero Relationship Chart

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