Unasked Family EP.01 – EP.05

꽃길만 걸어요 / Unasked Family

EP.01 – The Preliminary Contract

Yeo Won tries to move out of her mother-in-law’s house. Yeo Won and her husband, Dong U, have been looking for an apartment but haven’t yet told Kkot Nip about their plan. Yeo Won gets a call from the realtor and is about to sign a contract for the apartment she’s been dreaming of, but her husband doesn’t answer his phone.

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EP.02 – I Nam is Back

Dong U’s younger brother I Nam is back home upon leave from the army. Yeo Won gets busy preparing meals and forgets that it’s her younger sister’s birthday. Dong U receives a tip-off from someone about Hana Beverages. The company has been using a plant from a different region for their beverages, deceiving its customers.

EP.03 – Kkon Nip Disappointed

Kkon Nip and Ji Yeong find out that Yeo Won and Dong U have been planning to move out and they’ve already found a place to move in. Kkon Nip is disappointed and Ji Yeong loses her temper. Meanwhile, Su Ji pulls a power trip against a hotelier clerk who criticizes Hana Beverages’ products.

EP.04 – A Brother in Need

Dong U finds out about Il Nam’s debt and ponders over it while looking at the large sum of money he received from Hana Beverages. Cheon Dong tries to settle Pu Reum’s theft with the convenience store owner but gets yelled at instead. Meanwhile, Kkon Nip decides to let Dong U and Yeo Won move out.

EP.05 – Traffic Accident

Dong U and Yeo Won have an argument because they can’t move out now. Cheon Dong keeps going to the convenience store to meet the owner, and he persuades the owner to agree on a settlement. Meanwhile, Dong U gets into a traffic accident all of a sudden.

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“Unasked Family” depicts the life changing story of Kang Yeo-Won and Bong Chun-Dong.

When Kang Yeo-Won was a university student, she dreamed of becoming a reporter. An unexpected pregnancy, caused her to change that dream. She is now a housewife and she is busy taking care of her troublemaker in-laws, raising her child and managing her family’s finances. Her husband gets into an accident and her life changes.

Meanwhile, Bong Chun-Dong grew up in an orphanage with his younger sister. He had a heart disease, but he was able to get an operation due to Hwang Byung-Rae. He is now a grown man. Bong Chun-Dong passes his bar exam, but he works for Hwang Byung-Rae.

Kkot Nip is a woman of big caliber who took in three adoptive children. She has been running a tofu restaurant for 40 years to support her big family, but all her adoptive children do is cause trouble. Yeo Won, Kkot Nip’s daughter-in-law, dreams of moving out of Kkot Nip’s house. Kkot Nip’s family is not like other ordinary families, but this drama portrays the ups and downs they go through until they finally become a truly loving family.

  • Release Date: October 28, 2019 –
  • Runtime: Monday-Friday 20:30-21:00

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