Unasked Family EP.43 – EP.47

꽃길만 걸어요 / Unasked Family

EP.43 – A Bowl of Stew

Su Ji goes to the office and provokes Yeo Won regarding her and Cheong Dong, and Kkon Nip notices Jung Sook and Gyu Cheol together while returning a jacket she got as a gift. Meanwhile, Su Ji, who now knows Cheong Dong is teaching Kkon Nip how to read at the restaurant, goes to see him.

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EP.44 – Bo Ram Is Missing

Cheon Dong tells Su Ji that it is uncomfortable for him if she keeps showing up without notice. Su Ji wants to introduce Cheon Dong to Yun Kyeong. Yeo Ju decides to apologize to Seon Hwa, and she gets to see Seon Hwa and I Nam together. Meanwhile, Bo Ram disappears all of a sudden.

EP.45 – Bo Ram’s Gone!

Bo Ram is gone and the whole family goes out searching for Bo Ram. Cheon Dong also hears the news and runs out to help. He remembers what Bo Ram shared before about the airplane park she went with her dad. Cheon Dong finds Bo Ram there, and Bo Ram safely returns home.

EP.46 – Su Ji’s Obsession

Su Ji prepares a portrait of Cheon Dong and many other gifts for him but Cheon Dong refuses to take them. On top of that, Cheon Dong even tells that he likes someone else other than Su Ji. Su Ji suspects that Yeo Won is the person whom Cheon Dong likes. Meanwhile, a rumor spreads that the company paid off one of the artists to drop out of the competition.

EP.47 – Su Ji’s Rumor

When Su Ji finds out that the rumor started from someone within the company, she suspects Yeo Won and barges into the office, slapping her in the face. Even after finding out that Ms. Yang is the one responsible for the rumor, she demands both Yeo Won and Ms. Yang to be fired. Meanwhile, it turns out that there was an actual bribery that took place between relevant parties.

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“Unasked Family” depicts the life changing story of Kang Yeo-Won and Bong Chun-Dong.

When Kang Yeo-Won was a university student, she dreamed of becoming a reporter. An unexpected pregnancy, caused her to change that dream. She is now a housewife and she is busy taking care of her troublemaker in-laws, raising her child and managing her family’s finances. Her husband gets into an accident and her life changes.

Meanwhile, Bong Chun-Dong grew up in an orphanage with his younger sister. He had a heart disease, but he was able to get an operation due to Hwang Byung-Rae. He is now a grown man. Bong Chun-Dong passes his bar exam, but he works for Hwang Byung-Rae.

Kkot Nip is a woman of big caliber who took in three adoptive children. She has been running a tofu restaurant for 40 years to support her big family, but all her adoptive children do is cause trouble. Yeo Won, Kkot Nip’s daughter-in-law, dreams of moving out of Kkot Nip’s house. Kkot Nip’s family is not like other ordinary families, but this drama portrays the ups and downs they go through until they finally become a truly loving family.

  • Release Date: October 28, 2019 –
  • Runtime: Monday-Friday 20:30-21:00

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