Wanna Taste? EP.69

맛 좀 보실래요? / Wanna Taste?

EP.69 – Their Ideal Types

While talking about what can happen in the script, Gwang Ju has an idea of Hae Jin continue living together and marry Dae Gu. They both reject the idea, but Hae Jin starts to realize Dae Gu’s charms. At the same time, Dae Gu also realizes his ideal type of woman is someone like Hae Jin.

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Dramas are filled with secrets and revenge these days. As they become more provocative, the viewers are now looking for something that will make you feel comfortable and easygoing. The characters in this drama are ordinary people that you can see in everyday life. Father-in-law who calls for errands, sister-in-law who is annoying, guy wandering around the neighborhood on weekdays, and the couple who are like lovebirds that make others jealous. The story of these ordinary people from your family and neighbors will make you laugh and cry.

Hae-Jin is 36-years-old. She is married to Jin-Sang, who is 6 years younger than her, and they have a daughter Yoo-Ri. Hae-Jin runs a restaurant that she took over from her father-in-law. She supported her husband Jin-Sang while he studied to enter a university. Because of Hae-Jin, Jin-Sang is now attending a prestigious university, but he has an affair with Joo-Ri. She is the young daughter of a rich family. Hae-Jin becomes aware of her husband’s affair, but she doesn’t want a divorce. Meanwhile, Dae-Gu appears in front Hae-Jin. Dae-Gu is a drama series writer. He was once in demand for his screenwriting, but his popularity has waned. His marriage life is not doing well either.

  • Release Date: November 11, 2019 – 2020
  • Runtime: Monday – Friday 08:40-09:10

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2 thoughts on “Wanna Taste? EP.69

  1. We really love this drama but we need English subtitles to understand dialogues which is usually good in Korean drama

  2. This funny yet interesting family drama still has a good number of episodes to go before we see the happy (we hope) ending. Please continue the translations.
    Thank you

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